With the success of their KISADO Fitness program, Tiger Rock Academy has found a growing need to offer a unique course for cancer patients, survivors and others facing medical challenges.  Tiger Rock Academy has been approached by several cancer survivors asking for expertise in the areas of exercise, fitness and regaining or maintaining their strength.  By adapting KISADO, Tiger Rock has found a great solution.  The KISADO program is uniquely designed so that participants of ANY fitness level can participate.  Tiger Rock Academy has had clients who are current or former Olympic athletes all the way to baby boomers who have never exercised in their life.  The new program, however, will cater to and be exclusive for cancer patients, survivors and others facing medical challenges.  This program will be called “KISADO for LIFE”.    The need for this type of class where people can come to train safely is growing.  Tiger Rock Academy, after working with many in the medical field, felt it was important to not just allow these individuals to train, but to create an exclusive class for them.  In this way, those who are training together share a commonality and an environment for everyone to maintain their dignity while fighting for their health and strength.

Classes are forming this month with afternoon, evening and weekend times available and more to be added based on community feedback.

To find out more about Tiger Rock Academy’s unique program, email JDousharm@windstream.net or call (402) 483-1011 or visit http://tracademy.com/.