Tiger Rock Academy has been working with academic schools in both the Lincoln and Omaha area for over 16 years.  “Partners in Learning” presentations and PE Class presentations have focused on stranger awareness, healthy lifestyles, physical fitness, emphasizing the importance of academic effort, and building on values.  With the recent trends seen across the United States, Tiger Rock has stepped up with additional seminars on bullying.  This has always been a part of Tiger Rock Academy’s curriculum for kids, but now they are bringing their lessons to the schools.  The anti-bullying seminars are paired with their Partners in Learning and PE Presentations to provide kids information and practical ways of dealing with bullies.  It’s not about physically beating up a bully, but rather defending your emotions, your self-esteem and your body from anyone trying to make you feel like less of a person or trying to put you in danger.

These presentations have also been put on for youth groups across the state.  Best of all Tiger Rock Academy is doing this free of charge as a public service.

To find out more about the anti-bullying seminars, email Jeff Dousharm at Jdousharm@windstream.net or visit the Tiger Rock Academy website at http://tracademy.com.