Tiger Rock Academy has hired three new staff members in Lincoln and Omaha to help teach the Kisado Fitness program that is quickly growing at Tiger Rock Academies around the nation.  They are also looking to hire two more instructors.  In addition to hiring fitness instructors, Tiger Rock Academy is also now accepting applications for internships.  The internships start off as non-paid, but then qualified interns become paid positions and even have long term career and ownership opportunities.  The challenge Tiger Rock Academy gives interns is to act like an owner…to learn the skills necessary to lead, and most importantly to show the initiative needed of real entrepreneurs.  Tiger Rock Academy believes that internships should not just be designed for gophers or low end work but should challenge young people to step up into roles of leadership and management.

At Tiger Rock Academy they firmly believe that leadership is about action, not position.

To find out more contact Tiger Rock Academy at (402) 483-1011 or email at BLeipold@gmail.com or online at http://tracademy.com/.