Jason Petersen and Matt Firestone of Turbine Interactive, a Nebraska-based interactive technology company, recently attended the international Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, and brought news to Nebraska of many developments in technology that will transform the world of business, automotive and entertainment.

Highlights of the CES show include:  More than 140,000 attendees. Of those, 30,000 were from outside the U.S.  There were 250 learning sessions and 900 speakers. Attendees and speakers included top executives from companies such as Microsoft, Verizon, Audi, Samsung, GE and Xerox, plus government leaders from around the world.  Other highlights included more than 80 new digital tablets; Wireless 4G LTE; Connected TV technologies; Smart appliances; and Electric vehicles (For unveiled the company’s first electric car, the Ford Focus Electric).

According to Petersen, as Turbine Interactive assists local Nebraska firms in tapping technology to increase business growth, Turbine will continually upgrade its own knowledge and educate clients, so Nebraskans and Nebraska businesses can take advantage of the world’s most effective technological tools to help them reach their goals.

More details of new technology developments are available on the Turbine Interactive website: www.thisisturbine.com.