Under Par Golf Studio (underpargolfstudio.com) is excited to announce that they are adding Fine-Tuned Putters, a company based out of New Zealand, to their inventory offerings. While most custom-fit putters are modifying an existing putter to fit the golfer, Fine-Tuned builds the putter from start to finish with the individual player in mind. Every aspect is fit directly to the individual. This is about bringing the touring golf-pro experience to the average golfer to help improve their putting.

Fine-Tuned Putters forensically looks at the dynamics of the players putting, tendency, consistency, launch, roll, and skid. The design allows Fine-Tuned to swap components of the putter to fit a player’s set-up, stroke, strike, and roll. The result garners over 30,000 variations of putter.

Under Par Golf Studio offers golf club fittings to get every golfer the best products for their game. They will make sure that everything is suitable for you. They have fittings for the basic clubs and equipment you need for every golf game. Fittings come at different price points depending on the equipment you want fitted, but every fitting is free if the golfer purchases clubs through Under Par.

Under Par Golf Studio’s mission is to bring the best teaching, fitting, practice, and club repair experience to golfers in the Lincoln area. Learn more at underpargolfstudio.com.