Having attended the ARMTech convention in Nashville, TN, where Founder and CEO Aaron Newell learned from industry leaders on how to harness the power of technology to improve productivity and mitigate risk, AR Solutions (arsolutionsinc.com) is excited to implement new skills and knowledge to create the best possible experience for clients.

With more than 30 combined years in medical collection, AR Solutions understands, as you do, that it’s time for a new approach – one with real answers and real results.

Using AI to contact consumers can effectively streamline communication and improve customer engagement when used correctly:

Proactive Notification

AI has the capability to send proactive notifications to consumers regarding order updates, promotions and personalized recommendations.

Voice Assistants

Consumers can use AI-powered voice assistants to obtain information, facilitate purchases and answer questions simply by stimulating AI through smart speakers or smartphones.


Computer programs that let us communicate with digital devices to simulate conversation.

Social Media Engagement

AI can monitor social media platforms for customer mentions, comments or complains, and then automatically reply to ensure timely customer service.

Personalized Emails & TEXTS

Through consumer data analysis, AI can generate personalized messages that target individual preferences.


AR Solution’s collection process is just as important as how they collect. Their specialists approach their work as skillful sales people and are trained and certified to remain professional, ethical, confident and firm – even in the most difficult situations to get payment in full on the initial contact. Their company policy dictates that everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

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