Capital Care Staffing ( stands out in the healthcare staffing industry with their unique commitment to serving exclusively within the state of Nebraska. While many staffing agencies often send their healthcare professionals to various states where there’s a demand for their services, Capital Care Staffing takes a different, distinctive approach that sets them apart from other staffing agencies in the industry.

Their dedication to serving Nebraska communities ensures that they keep their staff within the state, preventing the migration of healthcare professionals to other regions. This approach has several notable advantages.

First off, it helps maintain a stable and well-staffed healthcare system within Nebraska. By not depleting the local talent pool, Capital Care Staffing contributes to the continuity of care and better healthcare outcomes for Nebraskans.

Secondly, this approach fosters a strong sense of community and local commitment. Healthcare professionals who work with Capital Care Staffing can build lasting relationships with patients and colleagues, as they remain in the same geographic area.

Additionally, by concentrating on Nebraska, Capital Care Staffing can provide more specialized services tailored to the unique needs of the state. Their staff can become experts in the local healthcare landscape, understanding the specific challenges and opportunities that exist within the state.

Capital Care Staffing offers a range of healthcare professionals, including Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Medication Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants, to partner with healthcare facilities in Nebraska. Their team remains highly flexible and accessible, ready to support their partners and clients on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, aligning with the specific shift requirements.

The organization maintains a rigorous commitment to ensuring the qualifications and expertise of their staff. They prioritize professional excellence and quality in all scenarios, guaranteeing that their healthcare professionals can consistently meet and exceed the expectations of their partners and the clients they serve.

5220 S 48th, Suite 3, Lincoln, NE 68516