For two decades, ALLO ( has been dedicated to the thriving of businesses. It’s not just a business for us; it’s a mission. ALLO has set out to instigate a positive transformation in the communities we serve. We firmly believe that fiber is the key to unleashing boundless innovation potential. To make this belief a reality, we’ve built a world-class regional network, not merely to expand business opportunities, but to breathe life into the communities and secure their future. ALLO is here to dissolve technology barriers enabling you to focus on what truly matters – the people in our fiber-rich communities. By providing forward-thinking technology to local businesses, we’re igniting an unstoppable wave of economic growth, fostering business development and opening doors to countless career opportunities.

But that’s not all. Beyond offering fiber voice, data and TV, ALLO proudly presents its Business Solutions – the shield to safeguard your business while supercharging productivity. ALLO Business brings you the same unwavering reliability you’ve come to trust from ALLO, fortified with cutting-edge cybersecurity and tech solutions. In this digital age, cybersecurity is not just an option; it’s a necessity to ward off the relentless cyber threats. ALLO Business doesn’t just stop at a network firewall; we harness next generation firewalls, cloud-based artificial intelligence, real-time monitoring, event logging and advanced techniques to safeguard your business from today’s sophisticated global threats.

Elevate your fiber-optic service experience with Microsoft Teams Voice, Next Gen Firewall and Managed Services Provider, achieving a seamless blend of connectivity and ironclad security.

In a world where technology is in constant flux, we, at ALLO, understand that it’s the people behind the technology who truly matter. That’s why the love and trust our customers share with us mean the world. We don’t expect you to simply take our word for it. Matt Ashmore with a local Lincoln business shared, “Our service with ALLO is dependable; it’s faster. They’re really quick to respond. We can download data much more quickly and be more efficient. It really helps handle the growth that we’ve experienced in recent years.”

ALLO specializes in crafting world-class communication and entertainment services, all the while creating gigabit communities. Our fiber-optic network may shine brightly, but it’s the powerful synergy of this state-of-the-art network combined with a local support team deeply rooted in the communities we serve that makes the ALLO Fiber difference. The ALLO team is at your service round the clock, ensuring that your connection is the last thing you need to fret about.

Experience the ALLO difference today. Visit or call (402) 480- 6500, and you’ll never want to return to ‘business as usual.”