When plumbing, heating, or cooling problems strike, it’s always useful to have a great local plumber and HVAC contractor that you can trust in your pocket. You can count on Biggerstaff Plumbing & Heating Inc. (biggerstaffs.com) when the unexpected happens. You can expect the same high quality service and standards that Biggerstaff has been providing since 1957. They realize that integrity is what makes a business successful and they always strive to maintain these standards.

Owned by brothers Doug, Dennis, and Don Biggerstaff, the company’s success relies on their reputation of reliability, professionalism, and providing top-quality care in a timely manner. Their experienced technicians have proven to be efficient, helpful, and friendly when assisting customers, and the sales team offers knowledge and advice on the industry’s top brands. If your current system needs a change, they can provide you with a free estimate.

Client Testimonials

“The technicians did a great job on the installation of our heat pump and furnace; very clean and professional. When calling, it is very refreshing not to have to navigate through a phone menu, and one has the ability to talk to a real person!” – Shaunda P.

“Their tech was so courteous and thoughtful. I’ve honestly never had such a pleasant experience with any kind of repair or service before. I would absolutely recommend Biggerstaff to everyone I know!” – Daniela M.


Having consistent plumbing services done at home helps homeowners keep their house in good shape and emergencies from happening. Biggerstaff provides a full range of plumbing repairs and installation services. Their plumbing services include drain cleaning, sewer repair, shower and tubs, leak detection, water heaters, sump pumps, water softeners, and more. In addition, Biggerstaff can help guide you through water services such as water filtration, water softeners, and water heaters.

Heating and Cooling

Biggerstaff will evaluate your situation to determine the best air conditioning and heating options for your household. If your AC is not able to cool an entire room, then it is not performing at an optimal level. This is especially the case if you have taken steps to create a more energy efficient home. With the right unit, you will not only have a comfortable home, but also a cost-effective solution to conserving energy and decreasing your monthly utility bill. Their HVAC technicians are NATE certified, so you can be sure they know their craft!

Reme Halo LED

Do you have concerns about the bacteria, mold, and viruses lingering in the air you breathe at home or work? The Biggerstaff team has been installing Reme Halo, a whole-home in duct air purifier for several years now. They have installed a couple in their own office and employee’s homes. Installing a Reme Halo is a fairly easy process and can be installed the same day (stock permitting). The Reme Halo produces hydrogen peroxide through the duct system where sick building problems start. Notice an improvement in air quality the same day you get The Reme Halo installed!

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