As the summer driving months commence– hot weather, vacations and possibly extreme heat– there are a few steps that you can take to avoid an unexpected headache regarding your vehicle. By this time of year the pothole season has ended (for the most part) and your suspension has most likely taken a beating over the winter. You may hear clunking or creaking while going over bumps or other noises as you are driving the window down. These noises can be a sign that your suspension needs attention before going on a summer road trip. The best course of action is to have a complete vehicle inspection in the spring and fall.

Most repair shops get busier over the summer months so wait times to get your car in for service will increase. Pre-planning now can save you time, money, and stress down the road.

A quick tip to keep your A/C blowing cold is to spray some water softly into the grille of your vehicle for a few minutes when you are washing it or watering your yard for those of you who don’t “manually” wash your vehicle. It’s the AC condenser, not the radiator fins, that you see when looking into the grille. The condenser gets plugged with bugs, dust, seeds and cotton. Rinsing this stuff out helps it better exchange heat and also reduces the operating pressure of the system. Less stress on the AC system will help get you cool this summer.

“A lot of drivers get their oil changes done at a quick lube but this “quick” service doesn’t allow time for checking things like brakes, suspension, fluid conditions or other maintenance or repairs that may be due before the hot summer weather really ramps up, says Justin Calhoun, Owner of Custom Automotive Care. “A full service repair facility can provide a complete front to back, up and down health check of your vehicle to prevent an emergency breakdown when you least expect. Just like it is a good idea to have an annual exam with your doctor once or twice a year (depending on your age and condition) your vehicle needs the same. This vehicle health exam can identify what needs to be done soon and what can wait, so you can plan and prepare for vehicle needs instead of continuing to have emergency break downs.”
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