HoriSun Hospice, Inc. (horisunhospice.com) makes it their mission to deliver the highest level of holistic hospice care with honor and respect for patients and their families. They strive to be the most respected, compassionate and utilized hospice care provider, serving all people. They do this by ensure the delivery of quality, safe and cost-effective hospice services to patients and their families.

“Susan and I had years of experience working together in the hospice industry. We worked to bring together a team of like-minded professionals, with skills and knowledge to support patients and their families in their hospice journey. We developed and continue to live out our mission, which is to give the best individualized care possible, regardless of the cost of care, or anyone’s financial or socioeconomic background,” says Dr. Bob Bleicher, Medical and Executive Director.

When asked what sets HoriSun apart, Susan Burkey, Retired RN, Program Coordinator had this to say, “We feel that being locally-owned and operated increases the quality of care we are able to provide patients and families. Additionally, our offering of pediatric services sets us apart; this may be challenging but we are grateful for the HoriSun team that are trained in this specialty and are able to provide the most loving, caring, professional skills to pediatric patients and their families. Our company has always strived to be innovative, ensuring each person receives the unique quality of care they deserve.”

HoriSun Hospice provides help, hope and comfort to those facing a life-limiting illness. Their qualified interdisciplinary team of health care professionals and trained volunteers have ensured that each individual receives the unique quality of care that they deserve.

“Our team enjoys working with and supporting our wonderful healthcare community. We do not feel this should be a competition, but instead a collaborative effort to bring the best care to all people in our communities. We are proud to provide support in various ways throughout our local area,” Says Susan Burkey, Retired RN, Program Coordinator.

HoriSun is proud of its 20 years of operation and the quality they’ve maintained along the way. “We adhere strictly to the care standards established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and consistently achieve high marks for quality of care and service. We had no deficiencies on our last evaluation by the State of Nebraska. We were honored to be named one of the Best Places to Work last year in Lincoln. We feel strongly that if we offer our staff the best place to work, they will in turn provide the best care to our hospice patients,” says Dr. Bob Bleicher, Medical and Executive Director.

HoriSun maintains the highest level of quality in care. They take pride in their work and that is reflected in every aspect of your care.

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2200 South 40th St., Ste 101, Lincoln, NE 68506