inMOTION Auto Care ( in Lincoln considers their business a family that is dedicated to serving their customers, as if they are part of the family as well. They are a premier auto repair facility that only employs the most qualified auto mechanics, service advisors, and office staff. While experience, skills, and training go a long way with them, the strength of character, work ethic, and commitment to the overall customer experience matters just as much in their hiring process. Sherri Stock and Jared McPike opened inMOTION Auto Care with courage in their hearts, knowing that Lincoln could use an auto repair facility with integrity. Together they are a formidable team and bring a truly unique auto repair experience to their customers.

Their auto care center boasts the best repair warranty in Nebraska. They have top-trained auto mechanics, along with an unprecedented five-year, 50,000-mile parts, and labor warranty on most repairs. Since they only use the highest quality parts and have such skilled auto mechanics, this warranty has rarely been exercised, but isn’t it wonderful to be given such peace of mind? Many of the parts they use already come with a lifetime warranty, so it’s nice to know that they are accompanied by such a long-term warranty on the labor, should the part need replacing.

Environmentally Conscious

One of the many factors that set inMOTION apart from other repair facilities is their firm commitment to being eco-friendly. This is one auto repair facility that cares deeply about protecting our environment and their entire staff, from their auto mechanics to their office staff; everyone contributes to keeping that promise. They take responsibility for being eco-friendly and caring for the earth very seriously. They recycle everything they can; all paper, cardboard, oil, metal, plastic, air conditioning refrigerant, tires, batteries, and anything else that can be recycled.

In a concerted effort to be eco-friendly in all ways possible, inMOTION even has a garden out back. With more than 1,000-square-feet of garden space, they often have enough to share with you, and they love that! The next time you’re in their shop, go around back to see for yourself. The auto mechanics, their families, and customers enjoy the fruits of inMOTION gardening efforts as much as the environment does!

“They are fantastic and so personable. They always get me in super fast and they are always very knowledgeable. Jared is the best to work with but I know the rest of the staff is great too! They clean your car and leave you a few sweet treats in your car! Fantastic popcorn too!” – H. L.

“[inMOTION’s] people were wonderful to us. We had a major problem and they went out of their way to fix it. They care and always take great care of us.” – E. H.

131 Russwood Pkwy, Lincoln, NE 68505
(402) 486-9880