At Leadership Harbor (, they help people develop the skills to be more relational and influential in their personal, business, and faith lives. Their mission is to empower people to realize their potential with confidence and influence. Leadership Harbor offers individual, group, and business coaching, mastermind groups (in-depth book study with hands-on application), and workshops.

The team of coaches at Leadership Harbor brings a variety of experiences to help you unlock your true potential – including understanding your personality “wiring,” values, and experiences. They help you train in a safe environment – the harbor – on your way to becoming all you are meant to be. These coaches do this by acting as your thinking partner and fostering communication within your team and/or family.


Coaching is about many things; principally it is about change, and developing emotional intelligence and conscious awareness. In business, coaching is a leadership behavior that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum to command and control (manage), and in effect addresses the whole person, not just ‘the role’ and business issues and tasks.

The process is diverse and expansive. It can cover a breadth of issues, such as dealing with the immediate obstacles that are preventing your growth, the development of your confidence, your ability to communicate personally or professionally, and your leadership influence, as well as building the vision and plan of your life’s dream and goals.

Team Building

Help your team gain a clear plan of action for maximizing collaboration to increase performance and results!

Are you creating an environment for your team to win? The most effective way to improve your company’s results is to develop your team’s ability to work cohesively. Helping individual members of your team understand how to contribute their unique talents toward the overall goal of teamwork and collaboration will bring out the best in them, increase their productivity, and boost their morale.

The Leadership Harbor Foundation was created to help Leadership Harbor add value to, serve, and recognize in five distinct areas:

CALM; Suicide & Bullying Awareness and Prevention – both are topics of importance to the team at Leadership Harbor. The Foundation allows them an avenue to provide these trainings and workshops at no direct cost to the hosting organization.

Veterans – grants and donations to the Foundation allow Leadership Harbor to provide programs and coaching to Veterans at reduced or no-cost. Coach Patrick has a passion for serving this important population as they seek to transition from service to civilian life and all that is encompassed by this.

Youth Leadership – contributions through the Foundation allow Leadership Harbor to invest in the youngest of leaders. From scholarships so youth can participate in leadership development to providing the Maxwell Leadership Global Youth Initiative (GYI) events every April and October.

Education – through the Educator of the Month program, iLead and Values based Leadership curriculum, they will focus on helping students, educators, and administrators in transforming communities.

Scholarship – contributions through the Foundation allow investment in those who want to develop their potential, and need a little financial boost to get them started.

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