Lincoln Demolition & Excavation ( routinely provide services in conjunction with one another to direct water runoff/drainage away from the properties of customers to protect their belongings, driveways and structures from recurring or continued water damage. Cleaning property exteriors from debris, overgrowth and other items to create a more attractive, practical and enjoyable use of space, including turning a rolling/uneven lawn into a lawn that is easier and safer to use, is something they truly enjoy.

Additionally, Lincoln Demolition & Excavation LOVES to combine their drainage and land clearing services with one of their newer services of excavating and installing in-ground swim spas; complete with beautiful retaining walls, attractive rock beds, effective drainage systems and luxury decks to surround the swim spas! This service takes an unused, troublesome area of a customer’s property and transforms that area into a beautiful, relaxing space for customers to enjoy some well-deserved peace of mind in their hectic, daily lives.

Lincoln Demolition & Excavation focuses on providing solutions to customers’ problems through the use of our six core services:

  1. Interior & Exterior Demolition
  2. Concrete Removal & Replacement
  3. Grading & Drainage Solutions
  4. Excavation & Trenching
  5. Land Clearing
  6. Parking Lot/Driveway Maintenance & Repair
4810 N 57th St. STE 1 | Lincoln, NE 68507
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Jake Metz owner
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