Your company vehicles are rolling billboards for your brand. Ensure those billboards are as clean and shiny as possible with a business fleet membership from JetSplash (


BULK PRICING – Get discounted pricing on all washes, no matter which plan you go with. (Plus, get even more savings on Unlimited Wash Plans by paying annually.)

NO MORE PAPERWORK – Your business will be billed under one account, so no more tracking employee receipts or fielding expense reports.

CONVENIENCE – There are 7 JetSplash locations scattered around Lincoln. No matter where you’re at in town, there’s a location close by.

DURABILITY – By keeping your company cars clean, you’ll improve the long-term value of your fleet.

FREE VACS/AIR – Get the inside of your fleet clean too with the do-it-yourself after care area.


Have at least five cars in your fleet? Keep em’ all clean with the Unlimited Wash Plans. Each vehicle will have its own membership, but they will all be billed under your business account. Your drivers can swing by any JetSplash location any (or every) day of the month, plus they’ll enjoy other membership perks too.


With the Bundle Wash Plan, get a 50 or 100 pack of washes to use on your fleet. All washes will be loaded onto your business account, and you can authorize who has access to it by providing the license plate numbers of your fleet. Each time one of your drivers stops in, a wash will be deducted from the running total. Washes never expire, so use them whenever!


JetSplash was born in 2003, right here in Lincoln. And since then, they’ve been helping the city shine with speedy, spotless car washes.

Over the years, they’ve grown to 7 locations, allowing them to serve all of the Lincoln area. JetSplash is a local business—not franchised. They proudly employ over 200 people.