Choosing tile in your dream home can significantly impact how cohesive all the elements of your house appear. Whether it’s the kitchen backsplash, entryway flooring or shower walls, selecting the right material can be daunting. We would highly recommend Maven Tile & Design (, formerly known as Maven Tile Stone, to guide you through this process. Maven is thrilled to announce their latest evolution—they have decided to change their name to Maven Tile & Home Design. This change reflects their broadened scope of work and dedication to providing comprehensive home design services, in addition to their renowned expertise in tile.

“We now offer full in-house design services. We specialize in complete home projects, encompassing both interior and exterior design and have experience with new builds, remodels and renovations,” said Senior Designer Linette Bradley. “Each space we design is unique, and we take pride in creating one-of-a-kind homes that stand out from the standard designs. We never replicate designs; instead, we work to discover the perfect combination that suits your home.” Your design will be as unique as you and your family. Maven’s design on creating timeless designs that will remain beautiful for generations.

Their dedication to this approach has established them as Mavens in the tile industry. When you choose to work with Maven Tile & Home Design represents more than just a name change—it symbolizes their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of tile and home design. You are invited to embark on this exciting journey with them.

7011 Kentwell Lane Suite 300, Lincoln, Ne

By Appointment: (531) 249-5917