Nebraska LTC Pharmacy ( is a concierge-style pharmacy that takes the stress out of managing medications. Founded by Shannon Hammerschmidt over ten years ago, she wanted to offer more than the average retail pharmacy and to create something that made a difference for everyone, from patients to doctors to caregivers. They eliminate the need to travel to a pharmacy to pick up prescriptions by offering delivery services, and they help you to keep better track of medications by increasing the adherence of the packaging with easy-to-use blister packs. Nebraska LTC offers free at-home consultations to assess your current medication situation and help sort through current and old prescriptions, disposing of anything that a patient is no longer needing or may be expired. Their goal is to provide unmatched care, customer service and attention to detail that far exceed that of retail pharmacies.

When giving care to an individual taking medications, contact Nebraska LTC to confirm that prescriptions are safe to take together. The pharmacist will do a medication review and contact any doctors involved with a patient’s care to ensure there is understanding all around. When utilizing this service, caregivers do not need to worry that medications are harming one’s health.

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy wants to

  • Provide individualized patient care that increases safety and prolongs patients’ independence.
  • Avoid the use of multiple drugs to treat a single condition (polypharmacy).
  • Increase communication with healthcare professionals.
  • Reduce medication errors and hospitalizations with the use of adherence packaging.
  • Provide a “small town” level of customer service. No automated systems, just great care.


Adherence Packaging

SureMed multidose blister packs have been scientifically proven to increase medication adherence and improve clinical outcomes for patients (STOMPP Study). SureMed clearly organizes multiple medications into an intuitive format that provides immediate reinforcement of the correct drug at the correct time of day.

Medicine reconciliations are one of Nebraska LTC Pharmacy’s favorite things to do! Check out some of the before and after photos from this process. Personal information has been removed or hidden to maintain client confidentiality.

Nebraska LTC Pharmacy offers a free delivery service in Lincoln and Omaha which can be crucial for seniors unable to drive or safely leave their home alone. They will call your doctor when you or your loved one’s medications are running low, and will communicate for you while being your advocate. They provide a high level of care that is much more detailed than the typical retail pharmacy, and will remove every stressor so family members can rest assured their loved ones are in good hands.

You can trust Nebraska LTC Pharmacy to get you or your loved one the medications you need, when you need them. Eliminate the added stress that organizing medications can bring, and focus on the comfort and happiness of your family during this new stage of life.

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Lincoln – 3901 Normal Blvd. STE 203 | (402) 328-0231
Omaha – 284 N 115th St. | (402) 916-4501