REGA Engineering Group, Inc. ( strives to provide quality civil engineering and surveying solutions by following accepted design standards and regulations to their clients and community. Their expertise spans across four main areas including civil engineering, surveying, planning, and construction observation.

Civil Engineering

Diverse experience is evident in the publicly-and privately-funded civil engineering projects REGA has tackled, including multifamily housing, residential subdivisions, site development and grading, recreational facilities, pedestrian/recreational trail design, roadway plans, profiles and design, parking lot design, parking arrangements for on-grade and structural configurations, storm and sanitary sewer analysis/design, storm sewer drainage studies, detention facilities, potable water system design, soil erosion controls for temporary and permanent installations and utility relocations.


With more than 40 years of experience, REGA’s surveyors have broad experience in all facets of large and small surveying, including private, commercial and governmental; subdivisions, facility construction layout, roads and utilities. The company has worked on many topographic surveying projects for the cities of Auburn, Columbus, Falls City, Fremont, Lincoln, Omaha and Nebraska City in Nebraska, Kansas City, Missouri, and other small communities throughout the Midwest.


While land development needs vary from project to project, REGA is there to expertly guide you through the process be it planning, subdividing land, engineering or constructing roads and utilities. Whatever your needs, they will design sites to your specifications—residential, commercial, or institutional—helping you navigate and solve physical and legal constraints in the process. They can also troubleshoot your concerns about your site to gauge if sufficient utilities are in place, including sewer mains, water, public road access, and storm drainage. What’s more, their efficient cost analyses will help you get all necessary building and flood plain permits and executive orders in one streamlined process.

Construction Observation

Construction observation is vital to accomplishing a project effectively. REGA will provide full-time construction observation to ensure everything is carried out safely, in accordance with the contract, and the work aligns with the expectations of your project design.

Premiere Projects

  • Husker Courtyard
  • Husker Village
  • Lincoln Grand Cinema
  • Madonna Proactive
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Turf Replacement
  • Nebraska Heart Institute
  • Tractor Supply Company
  • FedEx
  • HyVee
  • Veteran Affairs Regional Office

Helping People the REGA Way

REGA is a strong valued, employee owned, Midwest based consulting firm built by utilizing current technology, client interaction, and professional development. Each and every day they work to make a difference by helping people and offering their clients premiere care and support. This is shown through their ability to deliver responsive, reliable, well thought out solutions to their clients through accessibility, flexibility, diversification, and attention to personal detail.

“Over the past 20 years, we have appreciated working together with REGA. REGA has provided Terracon great service and been a great team member on countless projects. We have always found REGA to be responsive and dedicated to helping deliver a successful project. We look forward to working together for many years to come!”
– Bradley A. Levich, P.E., Senior Principal, Terracon

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Lincoln, NE 68512