Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too ( is a professional carpet cleaning and floor care company serving Omaha, Lincoln, and the surrounding areas in Nebraska. Working in both residential and commercial properties, they clean carpets, rugs, tile and grout, furniture, wood floors, stone exteriors, and more.

One of the specialties of Top Spot is sealing wood floors, which is different than sanding and coating. Their wood floor sealer offers permanent protection for the wood. In addition, concrete is always a challenge for businesses and homeowners alike, but Top Spot can repair both interior and exterior concrete corrosion. In many cases, they finish by protecting the concrete with a coating. The coating keeps salt and water from penetrating your outdoor concrete from future deterioration.

“Doug and his Top Spot team are fantastic partners of ours. They helped us diagnose issues, put a plan of action in place and then were prompt at getting our projects done while communicating along the way. Doug made sure our staff knew how to clean and maintain our newly cleaned tile and carpeting as well. The Top Spot team worked around our business demands and did an entire project during late evening and overnight hours which was so helpful and appreciated. Weeks after our latest project was completed Doug stopped by to make sure we were satisfied, that is such wonderful customer service and why we will continue to use Top Spot Cleaning and will refer them to others.” – Mary

Working with Products that Work

After over 30 years in the business you learn a thing or two, and one major thing Top Spot has learned: products matter.

Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions too are distributors of the products they use because they want them available to others who can use them. They sell to other carpet cleaners, home owners who want to use their own machine, and contractors who would rather not sub out a job. The more the merrier.

Procyon is an ecofriendly, pet-safe, child-safe, sodium-based, soap-free product. Soap based products tend to leave residue behind, which attracts new dirt and can make your carpet, rugs, and upholstered furniture look dirty again shortly after cleaning.  You can use it in your home or commercial cleaner. Your machine won’t know the difference, but your carpet will.

Simix is a high pH product that has so many uses. Microbes cannot sit on it so they die. This makes the environment healthy.  From restaurants or hospitals to driveways and roofs, this is a very versatile company with great products.

They use Chlorine Dioxide to treat every odor challenge you have. It destroys & eliminates pet stains in carpets or anywhere. It treats blood trauma, mold or any kind of virus. It is sprayed directly on the source. CLO2 also eliminates all airbourne odors from smoke, cooking, mildew or any other source. To do this they treat the surface with a gas form which flows throughout the entire duct system in the home or business. After being treated the air smells garden fresh. It works every time.

For more information, call Top Spot Cleaning & Solutions Too at (402) 570-4307 to schedule a test of your facility’s air quality.