With summer in full swing, what better way is there to get together with friends and family than an old-fashioned barbeque? You don’t have to be a meat expert or grill master to cook a great meal when purchasing from The Butchery (butcherybyvenue.com) inside Venue at Home.

At the Butchery by Venue, all beef comes from Certified Angus Beef® brand, which has 10 quality specifications beyond the USDA. Performing in-depth research to ensure all of their beef comes from Nebraskan beef farmers and using an in-house butcher to hand cut each steak they serve, the Butchery by Venue is committed to supporting locally and providing only the best quality.

When purchasing from the Butchery by Venue, you will receive a guide to help cook your steaks to perfection. This helps ensure that anyone, regardless of their cooking experience, can enjoy a delicious steak. Aside from the meat, a variety of charcuterie, specialty seafood, seasoning blends, alcohol, desserts, meals and sides are available. There truly is something for everyone.

The staff here at Strictly Business was more than happy to spend a lunch period grilling up the meat, snacking on charcuterie and enjoying the warm weather and good company. We couldn’t believe just how big of a meal we prepared. It was almost a feast!

On the charcuterie boards was a variety of cheeses including Kasemeister Creamery Cave-Aged Cheddar, Vermont Farmstead Windsordale, Eichten’s Tomato-Basil Gouda, Eighteen’s Hatch Chili Gouda and Boursin Garlic and Herb. Among the crackers were Fine English Cheese Co Water Crackers, Potter’s Organic Classic White Crackers, Potter’s Organic Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps, Venue House-Made Focaccia Bread and Matiz Valencia Almonds. Additionally, we got to try Empresas Chili Mango Lime Jam, Empresa Spicy Red Pepper Jelly, Matiz Romesco Sauce, Terrapin Ridge Farms Hatch Chili Cream Cheese Dip, JOSE Olive Oil with Rosemary, Maine Homestead Pickled Asparagus and Maine Homestead Pickled Carrots. All of them were a hit!

With many of the cheeses and crackers being new to some of us, it was fun to try new things. There wasn’t a single thing any of us tried that wasn’t good. We all gravitated towards different items, meaning we each got more of something we liked! By the time the steaks came off the grill, our bellies were half full!

The delicious aroma from the grill had our mouths watering. The three different cuts of meat, including a Cowboy Ribeye, a Ribeye and a New York Strip, were all tender and flavorful. As we said, it was “meat bliss.” Cooking the meat was no problem, though there were questions about how we were supposed to be cooking the meat. It was a good thing we had the handy cooking guide from the Butchery and that the meat flavor and tenderness spoke for itself. Also coming off the grill was Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus. For those that tried it, it tasted great!

With beautiful days ahead, we encourage you to give The Butchery Inside Venue at Home a try. It’s a great place to get the fixings for a backyard barbeque and get-together. They are so helpful when it comes to giving you the tools you need to succeed in cooking a delicious meal.

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