As it turns out, Greenfield’s has spent COVID perfecting the brunch experience…so I guess you can say that one good thing came out of all of this! If you haven’t visited Greenfield’s since before March, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the updated decor, refined menu, and expanded options for carryout and delivery.

What was once a small novel is now a clean, well-organized, two-sided menu of hand-selected Brunch Favorites, Biscuit Sandwiches, Signature Dishes, Salads, Sides, and Sweet Sensations. Right now, there is also a special Fall Menu featuring a couple of mouthwatering skillets and the one-of-a-kind Pumpkin Spice Pancake. It’s really the Goldilocks of pancakes because it’s not too bland, not too sweet…it’s just right! Not to mention perfect for this time of year.

One thing you’ll notice is how Greenfield’s incorporates their famous, made-from-scratch biscuits in a lot of their dishes. A yummy one was the Biscuit French Toast—it’s chewy, has fresh strawberries and strawberry sauce, and the housemade honey butter gives it that extra something-something.

If anyone out there is beating themselves up because you can’t quite master the eggs benedict, don’t feel bad leaving this one to the professionals. Greenfield’s Biscuit Benedict takes this classic breakfast order to new heights with their grilled biscuits, perfectly poached eggs, and creamy hollandaise sauce.

An item that adds a little dimension to the menu is the Huevos Quesadilla. The housemade pico with the melted cheddar, bacon, and scrambled eggs give each bite a flare of flavor. The flour tortillas were nice and crisp as well.

Now it’s time to get out your pen and paper because you’re going to want to write home about the Smokey Nashville Chicken N’ Biscuit. This is the breakfast sandwich you didn’t know you needed in your life—and you won’t find it anywhere else. Greenfield’s is determined to make this their staple item…and after one bite, you’ll know why. The combination of sauces is what makes this a winner. We’re talking sausage gravy, Nashville maple sauce, and chipotle hollandaise sauce! The crispy chicken strips and fried eggs really soak up all these flavors.

Another head-turner is The Greenfield’s Grilled Club. Some may even say it’s the best club sandwich in Lincoln…and we wouldn’t try to disagree with them. If you like a lot of meat and cheese, this will surely satisfy. The BBQ sauce and mayo glue the applewood bacon, ham, turkey, and jack cheddar altogether within two warm slices of Texas toast.

In all honesty, we probably wouldn’t go to any restaurant and order a Chicken Pot Pie…but this is not your mama’s pot pie. They’ve given it a whole new twist in both flavor and presentation. It’s almost like a really thick soup complemented by a jumbo biscuit.

Speaking of soup, Greenfield’s has delicious soup options that pair well with any of their sandwiches or salads. We’re not talking about dainty salads, either. Greenfield’s salads are packed with nutrients and substance. If you can’t pick between these items, Greenfield’s has a Lunch Combo option that allows you to do half sandwich and half salad, half soup and half salad, etc. Heck, you can even do half orders of two different sandwiches if you want!

To really top off the brunch experience, Greenfield’s has a decorated drink menu that features mimosas (include a glowing green Melon Mimosa), “brewmosas” made with seasonal and local craft beers, mom-approved bloody marys (got to eat your vegetables…and bacon!), and the best smoothies you’ll taste on this side of the Mississippi.

We applaud Owner Kevin Knudson, with the great assistance of Joe Armstrong, for turning Greenfield’s into the restaurant it is today. Not only is the dine-in experience top-notch, we know that their catering capabilities have taken strides as well. Plus, the restaurant’s hours (7 a.m.–2 p.m., daily) allow for private events to be held at Greenfield’s in the evenings.

7900 S. 87th St., Lincoln, NE 68526