Nestled in the heart of Lincoln, the Hub Cafe crafts freshly-prepared and locally-sourced breakfasts, brunches and lunches. The Hub Cafe’s scenic location overlooking the picturesque Antelope Valley makes it a great place to hang out with family and friends while relaxing and enjoying great food. This unique setting sets the stage for a dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

During a recent visit, we had the pleasure of trying a variety of Hub Café’s unique menu items, which is full of delicious options – with none of them being quite what you would expect. From the first glance, it’s evident that this is not your typical dining establishment – traditional boundaries are pushed, and flavors are celebrated in unexpected ways.

Starting with drinks, we enjoyed every sip of the refreshing iced chai, the bold richness of black coffee and the spice of a Bloody Mary garnished with a pickle, asparagus and onion. We couldn’t deny how great their drinks paired with their food.

For our courses, we tried the French Toast made from Le Quartier bread with a sweet mix of citrusy fromage blanc, raspberry compote, toasted pecans and pure maple syrup. Next up was the Farm Egg Breakfast Sandwich, which has a local egg cooked over easy, muenster cheese, balsamic roasted red onions, aioli and greens, all packed into a warm, homemade buttermilk biscuit.

The Savory Breakfast Bowl followed shortly after, containing a mix of quinoa tabouli, black beans, braised kale, house-made sunflower tahini, citrusy/ginger carrots, pickled red cabbage, a bit of spicy sambal for some kick and topped with an over easy local egg. If you’re into hearty flavors, the Pork Belly Gyro Bowl is a crispy combo of locally raised pork belly, quinoa tabouli, pickled red cabbage, fresh cucumbers, apple tzatziki made in-house and Dutch Girl Creamery feta.

The Kale Salad added some freshness to the mix with beets, quinoa, Dutch Girl Creamery feta and pepitas, all tossed in an orange/shallot vinaigrette. The Mole Chilaquiles, one of the many internationally inspired creations by the chef, have adobo pork shoulder and corn tortilla chips in a smoky mole sauce, topped with Calypso Feta, pickled onion & cilantro and served with black beans. To finish, the Prairie Soup added a cozy touch to the chilly day.

Our dining experience at Hub Café exceeded expectations. Despite initially ordering more than we could manage, the pleasant surprise of larger-than-expected portions left us delighted. Choosing Hub Café is not just about receiving a satisfying meal; it’s an invitation to break away from the ordinary. Here, you can anticipate not only health-conscious options with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and chef-driven dishes, but also a unique experience that sets Hub Café apart from the rest.

(402) 474-2453 | | 250 N. 21st Suite 3, Lincoln, Nebraska 68503