Nestled in the Havelock area of Lincoln, Soulfull Cocina ( is a hidden gem of culinary excellence, offering a tantalizing array of smoked meats, handmade sides, and flavorful sauces that leave taste buds yearning for more. As a cherished family-owned and operated establishment, Soulfull Cocina infuses every dish with a generous serving of love and passion. Spearheaded by the culinary prowess of Chef Chubb, this BBQ haven is more than just a restaurant—it’s a celebration of tradition, innovation, and community.

At Soulfull Cocina, the commitment to great food extends beyond the confines of its vibrant and fun dining space. Whether it’s a company picnic, special event, or gathering of any kind, Soulfull Cocina’s food truck and catering services are primed to deliver an unforgettable BBQ experience. Unlike any other, their food truck is a mobile testament to Chef Chubb’s culinary ingenuity, boasting an array of innovative dishes crafted daily with the freshest ingredients.

One glance at Soulfull Cocina’s menu reveals a treasure trove of mouthwatering delights that redefine the BBQ experience. They offer traditional BBQ fare like ribs, fried chicken, tri tip and more. However, what sets them apart are their unique specials. Take, for instance, the ‘Phor-13,’ a culinary masterpiece featuring a succulent smashed burger adorned with pineapple, pulled pork, coleslaw, BBQ sauce and a tantalizing drizzle of Sriracha mayo. Get your burger with a ‘BBQ Sundae’ on the side. This is a delectable combination of pulled pork, baked beans, mac n’ cheese, coleslaw and BBQ sauce, served up ice cream sundae style. If you’re feeling adventurous, don’t forget the ‘Chubb-A-Dilla’ a giant quesadilla filled with your choice of pulled pork or smoked chicken, baked beans and mac n’ cheese, it’s a little bit of everything and a whole lot of flavor! Another stand out side is the ‘smashed potato.’ A baked potato, pulled pork, mac n’ cheese, butter, BBQ sauce and jalapeños. Move over bacon bits and sour cream…there’s a new potato in town.

At the heart of Soulfull Cocina’s is Chef Manuel Hurd (Chubb). Chef Chubb was born with the gift of cooking. That gift turned into a passion that would ultimately grow into the desire to create food that would warm the soul and bring great pleasure to all. Food with soul is his motto. As he likes to say ‘Dreams Come True, Hope Exists, and Love Is Served.’ His mission is to put a smile on everyone’s face through his food and share his passion with the world. Chef Chubb has a huge personality that provides an exciting, fun, and enjoyable atmosphere that completes your dining experience.

In his own words, “I moved to Lincoln from California 9 years ago with a dream to help bring quality barbecue to Lincoln. I have a passion for my family, church, and bringing people around the table and now our food trailer for a good meal.”

Soulfull Cocina isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a family legacy. With each savory bite, patrons are transported to a realm where flavor reigns supreme and every dish tells a story. So, whether you’re craving a taste of the South or simply seeking a dining experience unlike any other, Soulfull Cocina invites you to savor the essence of true BBQ bliss in the heart of Lincoln.

6105 Havelock Ave | | (402) 730-3563