The Nebraska Safety Council (, NESC) welcomes Dr. Jim Harter, Chief Scientist for Workplace Management and Wellbeing at Gallup as the keynote for day one of the 46th Annual Nebraska Safety Council Conference. In addition to his address, Dr. Harter, along with Nebraska Safety Council Executive Director, John Lefler, Jr. will host a CEO Breakfast and the annual awards luncheon.

Dr. Harter is the author of Wall Street Journal Bestsellers Culture Shock and Wellbeing at Work, to name a few. His work has appeared in many publications, including Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company and Time Magazine.

“Dr. Harter’s research has helped employers worldwide recognize the factors that allow their people to strive, rather than struggle in the workplace,” explains Lefler. “The opportunity to take a deep dive into the critical role financial, social, and physical wellbeing play.”

The 46th edition of the NESC Annual Conference will be held April 24-25. The conference features two days of speakers, breakout sessions, panels, an awards luncheon, an opportunity to earn Continuing Education Credits and an evening of networking and entertainment.

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