Luxury Landscape ( Completes Major Makeover – 2023: A Year flourishing with improvements

At the end of 2022, Owners Ken and Jackie Svoboda sat down to discuss how they could improve their business in 2023 due to the rapid growth of the company.

“We knew we needed to make some changes on how our business operated, how to improve our client’s experience with Luxury, as well as with our employees,” Jackie added.

First on the list was finding a new office space. We had a home office and our shop was at a separate location. When we first launched our business in 2018, this worked fine for us, but as our business grew quickly over the years, our home office just wasn’t functional anymore. There was an old office area attached to our shop, but we used it for storage and overflow of equipment and tools. We discussed renovating this area with our landlord and he was more than okay with it. So, we immediately got to work gutting the area and designing it to meet our specific needs. We moved into our new office at the beginning of 2023 and absolutely love it! Ken stated, “It enhances the customer’s experience by having a physical location they can stop by to look at samples of materials, have sit down discussions of their project in a comfortable environment or simply pay their invoice”

Next on the list was hiring an office assistant to help Jackie with the day to day duties in the office. “We went through three office assistants until we found the right fit for our company. We knew we needed to focus heavily on customer communication and that all starts in the office,” Jackie shared. We found the perfect fit for Luxury and hired an office manager. Allan is not only amazing when interacting with customers, he’s also quick to respond to client’s questions and is very thorough. He also has helped devise programs to help Ken and Jackie get proposals out the door a lot quicker.

With everything coming together, we knew we needed to focus on improving our customer’s experience should they choose Luxury for their landscaping project. So, when we were hiring additional crew in spring of 2023, we were super picky on those hires. We brought on a new Foreman who has over 11 years of experience in all aspects of landscaping, and additional crew members who had at least four-five years of landscaping experience. We feel so blessed with our Luxury family, they are so respectful of our customers and their property and they all get along so well.

We knew 2023 was going to be a year of changes and pivoting for our business, but also very necessary to offer the absolute best experience for our clients and our employees. Jackie shared, “I can get impatient at times and wanted all of our ideas to be implemented at once, but knew we needed to check some boxes before we could move onto the next phase of our growth.” Ken added, “We are super excited for the 2024 season with several large contracts already on the schedule.”

“We have always been very passionate about our business and the work we complete, but this next year just feels like it’s going to be phenomenal based on the changes we implemented,” said Jackie,” “We’re already working on some exciting additions and changes for this year!”

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