ALLO Means Business: Fiber Fast Connection

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ALLO Means Business: Fiber Fast Connection

Businesses depend on their phone, internet, and data connections to accomplish everything from research to client communications to payment solutions. Downtime can cost thousands of dollars, so fast, reliable connections are crucial.

ALLO ( is a Nebraska-based fiber-optic phone, internet, data, and television service provider that focuses on local support and fast, reliable fiber connections. Our call center for Lincoln is local, and so are our 400 employees.

“If a business is having communications issues, our Lincoln-based support team will suggest and implement cost-efficient and dependable solutions,” says ALLO president Brad Moline. “ALLO’s reputation for quality customer service, virtually unlimited bandwidth, and modern voice solutions has resulted in high customer satisfaction and retention.”

While ALLO has been in business more than 15 years, we started constructing Lincoln’s all-fiber network a little over two years ago. Our service area continues to expand, and they are currently approaching an 85% completion of the Lincoln city limits.

“Businesses that are interested in switching to ALLO for their communication services should contact our sales team,” explains Moline. “With fiber in most areas by the end of the year, businesses can work with ALLO to begin to experience the fiber difference.”

What you’ll find in ALLO is that what’s important to you is what’s important to us. Businesses that sign up with ALLO won’t sign any contracts because the ALLO philosophy is that we earn their customers’ business every day. New ALLO customers will also benefit from free fiber installation. If the building has ALLO fiber connected, it only takes five to 10 business days for ALLO to get up and running.

Fiber Connections: Internet, MetroEthernet, and Redundancy

ALLO uses a 100% fiber network with symmetrical internet speeds, available in standard speeds of 55 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1 GIG, and up to 100 GIG.

Symmetrical internet from a fiber connection provides the same speed for both downloads and uploads. and means consistently fast internet speeds. That’s especially important for businesses who transfer large files, do video conferencing, or use cloud management products.

ALLO’s connectivity solutions include metroEthernet (Layer 2) solutions across Lincoln or across the country including certification with Amazon Web Services Direct Connect and Microsoft Azure Connectivity.

Fiber Voice: Dependable Phone Service

The Hosted PBX system can replace a business’s old phone system with a less costly, locally supported system that can grow with the customer. Add phones without one-time charges for expensive line cards and software license fees. Plus, enjoy auto attendant, automatic caller distributor, call park, call recording, call retrieval, hold music, and conferencing calling/bridging.

There’s no large upfront capital investment in equipment, and all upgrades are included in the monthly fee. Plus, there is a dedicated team of Hosted PBX installers and technicians for fast service.

In addition to Hosted PBX systems, ALLO also provides standard analog, PRI, and SIP connections to existing phone systems. Services like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and voicemail are available at no extra cost.

Fiber TV: Fiber Video, Seeing is Believing

If your business requires television, fiber delivers a fast, digital signal of more than 110 channels. Customers, guests, and employees can be informed or entertained with a crystal-clear signal, 24 hours a day.

To find out more about ALLO services, please contact our sales team at (402) 480-6500 or request a quote


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