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COVID-19 Vaccine

As we learn more about the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines, our clients are asking questions about the costs associated with it. It is a very fluid situation but standards are developing for the payment of the vaccine. The most important underlying principal is to provide access to the vaccine to as many people as possible in the quickest way.

In general, the manufacturing of the vaccine and transportation to local distribution sites is being paid by the federal government. State and local officials are responsible for determining which groups of people will receive the vaccine and for administering the vaccinations.

When you receive your vaccination, your insurance company will not be billed for the cost of the medicine. They may be billed for the costs of administering the vaccination to you.

In general, a health insurance policy that provides preventive care as a covered benefit will provide the COVID vaccine at no charge to enrolled members. This is true for both employer group plans and individual policies. If someone is charged for their vaccine, it would be wise to follow-up with the insurance company to verify the accuracy of the fees. Those employers sponsoring self-funded or level-funded plans may incur costs for the administration of the vaccine as an expense of their claims fund.

A health insurance policy that does not provide preventive care, such as a short term plan or a limited benefit plan, may not cover the cost of the COVID vaccine.

Those who are enrolled in Medicare will pay nothing for COVID-19 shots. This means no copayment and no deductible will apply.

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