John Fulwider: gear80 – Breaking Through the Ceiling

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John Fulwider: gear80 – Breaking Through the Ceiling

Tired of hitting the ceiling in your business?

Has your revenue growth slowed? Is real growth just out of reach? Does everyone understand the vision? Do you?

Was last year your best ever, and now halfway through this year you’re way off track with your budget and goals?

You’ve hit the ceiling. Break through with:

Step 1—Diagnose: There are five symptoms of hitting the ceiling.

  1. Control: You feel like your business is running you.
  2. People: They’re not performing, and not rowing in the same direction.
  3. Profit: There’s not enough of it.
  4. Growth: The business was growing, but now it’s stopped.
  5. Magic Pills: Quick fixes haven’t worked.

Whichever symptom(s) you have, you’re not alone. All businesses hit the ceiling. Some break through when they take …

Step 2—Decide: What are you going to do about it …

  1. Live with it
  2. Leave it (sell the business), or
  3. Change it?

Step 3—Do Business Differently: To break through the ceiling …

  1. Simplify: Cut complexity; simpler is better, and less is more.
  2. Delegate: You can’t do all the things that used to bring you success. You need to build extensions of yourself.
  3. Predict: Weekly and quarterly, what must and can be done to hit your annual goals.
  4. Systemize: Document your core processes, simplify them, and get them followed by everyone.
  5. Structure: Create the simplest Accountability Chart to get the right people in the right seats.

“This is a tough thing to really come to grips with,” my fellow EOS Implementer Jim Coyle writes. “We have organizational leaders say to us, ‘But this is the way we have always done things and we have been rather successful.’ As correct as they may be, the problem is these great leaders have taken their business to the edge of the land and keep trying to walk across the water. It just doesn’t work. Unless you are God. And, if that is the case, email me. I have a few questions.”

You needed faith in yourself to launch a business and get this far, but you don’t have unlimited skills and abilities. Good news: EOS—the Entrepreneurial Operating System—makes change and growth simple.

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John Fulwider is a professional EOS Implementer. gear80 provides a proven system with a complete set of practical tools to help you get three things; vision, traction, healthy.


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