In Memory of Coby Mach, a Champion for Lincoln Small Business Owners

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In Memory of Coby Mach, a Champion for Lincoln Small Business Owners

Nearly 40 years ago, a group of visionary business leaders created the Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) based on an idea—the hope of bettering our city and advancing the impact of small businesses.

Fifteen years ago, LIBA found what it had been missing for those first years—a discovery that would radically propel the organization toward realizing that vision: we found Coby Mach.

Coby breathed life into the vision, the idea, and the dream of what LIBA could be.

It was Coby’s drive and energy and his integrity that turned the hope of the early founders into a reality.  He led LIBA to be an integral part of the Lincoln and Nebraska political landscape, as well as an invaluable resource to business owners, candidates, and the tax payers.

When Coby approached an idea or goal, he had the ability to envision the three, five, or more steps on the path to make it happen—and he did that before he took a single action.

In addition, he possessed something few leaders process:  20/20 peripheral vision!  He would not proceed until he stepped back to take into consideration every group, every issue, every business or individual standing at the side who might be impacted.  Even if that made the path longer or steeper. His loyalty, dedication, and heart could never be questioned.  His desire to see others excel and succeed were unmatched. Coby’s impact is truly legendary.

Most people who met and worked with Coby called him a friend. Many of us called him family, but what he truly was, was a champion—a champion for LIBA and every small business owner in Lincoln.

The organization he so proudly and loyally served is in a great place today because of him. Our leadership and reputation is strong, from the board of directors, to committee chairs, to our phenomenal team of people that staff the LIBA office.

You don’t replace a Coby Mach…but the LIBA Board is committed to maintaining a strong organization and even building on the achievements we had under Coby Mach’s leadership. The LIBA Board will be conducting a wide-ranging search for a new president in the coming weeks and /or months.

Lincoln is a better community today because of the efforts of Coby Mach, not just on policy matters for LIBA, but through his friendship and assistance to thousands of Lincoln’s citizens whether through his radio show or countless volunteer efforts. He will truly be missed.

On behalf of the LIBA Board of Directors, our staff, and our membership, we offer our heartfelt condolences to his wife Lorie and daughters Sara and Reanna.

We thank God for the very short time that He shared Coby with us.

We thank Coby for sharing his passions and talents with us.

Today, we miss our friend—we miss him deeply—and we will undoubtedly continue to miss him for a very long time.


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