LIBA New Members – November 2019

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Deck City

At Deck City (, they are committed to offering the best quality decking products and solutions. They have highly-trained and knowledgeable staff who will help you with your project from start to finish. They provide blueprints and install guides as well as offer specialty tool rental.

Nobody is perfect but Deck City strives for precision and perfection. They believe that decks provide a beautiful addition to your home and Deck City wants to make sure they are built properly with the highest quality materials to give you the most out of your deck. Along with that, they believe in a no pressure sales approach where they can help their customers choose the right products for their project. Stop by their showroom to see how they can assist you in your construction needs. Feel free to also visit their website at or call (402) 480-6671.

Express Life Chiropractic

Drs. Troy and Ashley Hayes started Express Life Chiropractic (, a neurologically-based chiropractic corrective care office in Lincoln. Through Express Life, Troy and Ashley have improved the lives of many using the Torque Release Technique to identify where and if there is any nerve interference down to the vertebral level—the body’s control system. The specificity of this technique allows for longer lasting results. The Express Life team is passionate about chiropractic care because it is all natural. Without drugs or surgery, it can improve the function of the central nervous system and has been shown to correct ailments that are far removed from their proximity to the spine, creating a true experience of health and vitality.

The mission of Express Life Chiropractic is to help the community achieve optimal health naturally, express life, and restore hope through principled chiropractic care and encouraging everyone to embrace their God-given, true health potential. Learn more online at or call (402) 318-5797.

True North Technologies

True North Technologies ( is an Eazi-Apps-licensed company owned and operated locally by Renee Sobotka. Renee is dedicated to helping small businesses in the Lincoln area tackle the next frontier in technology: mobile apps. Identifying this barrier has allowed True North Technologies to provide a solution that is cost effective and allows small businesses to compete with larger companies.

Combining the latest in smartphone and web technology, True North Technologies can build an app for your business that is highly discoverable. Their goal is to drive more users to your app, resulting in increased customer engagement, sales, and repeat business. Their experienced team of developers handle everything from start to finish—designing, building, publishing, and promoting your new app and your business! To find out more, please contact Renee at (402) 968-5068 / or visit


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