Looking at LPS Strategic Plan


Looking at LPS Strategic Plan

The Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) has enjoyed a good relationship with Lincoln Public Schools. We proudly supported their last two bond issues for new schools and the new Career Academy.

This year, LIBA remains disappointed that LPS didn’t lower its tax levy in light of a large windfall of money from property revaluations. We are especially disappointed since all of their new money came on the backs of homeowners and renters.

A few weeks ago, LIBA appeared again before the Lincoln Board of Education to weigh in on their new Strategic Plan.

The Lincoln Independent Business Association applauded Lincoln Public Schools for its focus on graduation rates. We support the Superintendent’s goal of “By 2019, develop, implement and sustain district initiatives that result in an increased graduation rate, with a goal of 90% of on-time graduates that are career and college ready.”

Because we believe this goal is worth pursuing, we are now asking the LPS Board of Education to place an emphasis on the last part of the goal, “graduates that are career and college ready.” LIBA asked how they would measure career and college readiness. Of course, the ACT measures college readiness; and graduation rates also appear to be an interim measure when career and college ready are the end goal. However, it is our hope that LPS would develop specific criteria which the Board and community can use to accurately assess the school district’s goals.

LIBA appreciates the effort that Lincoln Public Schools makes every few years to develop a Strategic Plan for the District. We asked that as part of this year’s plan, LPS include a fiscal note that would indicate the overall cost for all goals, objectives and plan initiatives. We asked that the fiscal note include which year or years that the expense is estimated to be spent and that the note be made available to the public.

LPS has previously made an effort to present information similar to a fiscal note when it developed the Technology plan a couple of years ago.

LIBA believes the fiscal note would allow the Board of Education to have information to help it make educated decisions on plan initiatives and give the public better transparency on program costs.

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