Supporting Community, Supporting Local

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Supporting Community, Supporting Local

From the start of this pandemic, our team has focused on what we can do to promote our local businesses, all with one goal in mind: Doing whatever it takes to help connect business and resources! I could not be more proud of our team and how they have responded during this time. They have been adjusting to the “new normal” and really focusing on building relationships with members and providing whatever assistance we can for our community. I’m confident that we will get through this and come out on top. I look forward to the day we are able to gather again in groups larger than 10 and have a meal at our favorite local restaurant.

One project we have been heavily involved with is the initiative of We partnered with Sandhills Global and the Nebraska Retail Federation to create a place for local businesses to offer gift cards for sale and for consumers to buy gift cards to support our local businesses. Our goal was clear—we want to do anything we can to help these businesses during this difficult time. We all agree that by working together, we can help our community through this pandemic. None of our group was in this project to make money…we all chipped in to help our community and our state because it is the right thing to do. I was recently reminded of a quote I heard many years ago, “Crisis doesn’t develop character, it reveals character.”

I have been so proud of the business stories I hear about every day where businesses are “adjusting to the times” in order to keep their business going. So many industries have been impacted by this pandemic in different ways. I have great pride in our community in how businesses have adjusted their models to continue to offer goods, services, and meals to our great community. Think of the number of delivery options we are experiencing during this time. Recall waiting in line to get into the local hardware store or small business in order to be the safest possible as we live our lives, or the many of us wearing masks in public to the enhanced focus on making sure we keep ourselves, our families, and others safe during this pandemic.

I am filled with joy seeing the amount of support for our local businesses in our community. I enjoy hosing virtual lunches on Tuesdays via Facebook live on the LIBA Facebook page to connect with the community and our guests have been very generous with their time and sharing ways to help others.

There are so many of our workers in the area who have had to deal with so much—temporary loss of work, having to navigate the system to receive benefits, and making sure they are helping their children with schooling. These are unprecedented times in our lives. So many parents are working so hard to make sure their families have their basic needs met and so much more. Parents are now making sure their kids are focused on school in a different environment.

Our community and state have held strong through this difficult time. Our elected leaders have provided us with guidance and information. I am proud of our community for standing together to make sure we support our businesses, one another and serve for the greater good.

As we celebrate things like #TakeoutTuesday, ordering items from your local hardware or clothing stores online, or buying gift cards at, remember we are supporting our local community, our friends, and neighbors. Finally, make sure you show your support to people working through this difficult time. You never know when a smile or simple thank you will help pick someone up.

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