ALLO – Improve Your Connection. Improve Your Business.

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Improve Your Connection. Improve Your Business.

From local coffee shops to large corporations, ALLO ( provides the technology that works for your business starting with phones, internet, and TV. ALLO’s 100% fiber-optic network delivers the speed, reliability, and 24/7 support your business needs to move forward in a quickly changing world. In addition to their cutting-edge technology, they take it even further with core values that put their customers first: local, honest, hassle-free, and exceptional.

2020 has been an unprecedented year for businesses. Many have shifted their work and employees’ home while others have continued providing essential services in person. Demand for quality internet and reliable communication services has been on the rise and ALLO’s network has easily met the challenge. In October, the Lincoln Journal star interviewed residents across the city and reported, “ALLO customers, by and large, say they are not seeing slowdowns in speed or other issues.”

ALLO made it their goal to create positive change. While known for faster internet and superior customer service, they believe that is just the baseline for being a local business. Community outreach, especially in challenging times, sets them apart from their competitors. In January 2020, ALLO announced free Gigabit internet service to 77 nonprofits in Lincoln for 10 years. Many of these organizations face strict budgets and ALLO’s donation of service will help them continue the meaningful work they do in Lincoln while staying connected.

ALLO recently completed their sixth year of their ALLO for Education referral program. Since its inception, donations across all ALLO communities have totaled over $372,000, with over $125,000 going to local schools in Lincoln this year alone. “Technology used to be an added bonus and it is now an absolute necessity in the classroom and at home. ALLO’s all-fiber network offers unmatched speed, giving students the opportunity to explore far beyond the walls of their school.” ALLO President Brad Moline said.

ALLO believes that everyone deserves affordable, high-speed internet and have partnered with LPS to offer $10/mo. internet to eligible households. ALLO also offered a promotion for 60 days of free internet to households without an internet connection. All of these programs support their mission of ending the digital divide and providing fast, reliable access to all.


ALLO all-fiber network is made of glass which allows data to flow in its natural form, light. The beauty of nature is that when left alone, it can exceed our expectations and amaze us with its efficiency. Data flows much faster and farther by light without the annoying interruptions copper cabling receives from electrical interference.

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