Ben Bleicher, Realtor® – Providing a STRESS-FREE Real Estate Experience

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“I’ll go the extra mile to make your Real Estate experience as STRESS-FREE as possible”

As a Realtor, my job is to not only help clients sell real estate but to serve as a buyer’s agent as well. Buying real estate can be tedious and stressful if you don’t have a top-notch realtor by your side. I’m available all hours (7 days a week), ready to show at the drop of a hat, and able to give a critical opinion on any houses we may look at to protect my buyers from ending up with a lemon. I also offer many resources that allow us to find listings before the general public is aware of them, alleviating competition and overpaying. House shopping should be fun and exciting, and that’s the experience that I strive to ensure my clients get to fully enjoy.

Selling shouldn’t be a stressful process either if done correctly, and I aim to make moving your property as painless as possible. Pricing houses correctly, adequately marketing listings, and offering impeccable customer service to potential buyers are three things that set me apart from my competition. The market remains extremely competitive and it takes tact to ensure the process of selling isn’t messy and overbearing. Allow me to lend a hand so that the process can be a great one.

I have a long history working in different aspects of new construction and am a great negotiator when it comes down to making sure things are bought or sold at a price that works for my clients.

I also have a wealth of knowledge to offer within the realm of commercial real estate and investment properties. While there tends to be far less emotion involved (compared to residential), it still requires someone who’s willing to invest the time and energy into getting these deals done. I have the experience, patience, and negotiating skills to manage any commercial transaction whether on the selling or buying side.

My goal is simple; to get my buyers the best properties that fit their specifications at the lowest price possible. Sellers, I will always negotiate to get you the highest dollar amount possible and do everything necessary to adequately price and market properties to sell within expectations. Providing excellent customer service is very important to me, and I find great satisfaction in not only successfully buying and selling property, but doing so with the highest level of attentiveness to my clients that I can possibly give.

Building a successful career based on business principles I believe in has been extremely rewarding both personally and professionally, as my last year in the business was my best yet. Thanks to the support of the fantastic clients I’ve been honored to serve thus far, I earned a top Woods Bros Realty honor as a 2016 Office Outstanding Achievement Award recipient among other recognition from my peers and mentors in the industry. I’ve been able to continue that momentum, which is easy because I get to use my talents and do what I love every day, and plan to obtain further real estate designations and continue my education so that I may best serve my clientele.

Prospective buyers and sellers, please feel free to reach out anytime with questions regarding the value of homes, property, or how the market is doing. All are welcome to visit my website at or my Facebook page to view current listings and reviews, or contact me directly at (402) 419-6309. I look forward to working with you!”

– Ben Bleicher, Realtor®

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