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Brown Brothers Construction, Inc. has been providing excellent commercial construction services for over 15 years. Brothers Ray and Jared Brown started the company with a commitment to bringing Lincoln business owners the best, helping them keep their storefronts and interiors functional and modern. To learn more about Brown Brothers, we interviewed Supervisor Josh McCaslin:

What do you think makes Brown Brothers different from other companies in the same industry?

I think that one of the biggest differences between us and other companies is the personal attention each job gets from not only the superintendents but also the owners to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the customers’ expectations of quality and craftsmanship.

Who are the owners and what makes them great to work for/what are their values?

Jared and Ray Brown. I would say they are great to work for because they care about the employee beyond just work, and they always have the customers best interest in mind. That allows us to make quick decisions on the job site to keep the job moving forward.

What do you like about doing business in Lincoln?

The differences we have in each job. With so many different kinds of businesses and sizes of businesses, we get to work on so many different projects. Some might only take a week and some might take six months, but all of them come with different challenges that keep the job interesting.

Tell me about your team—how do you all keep motivated to best serve your clients?

We work with small groups of employees which allows us to build camaraderie, and to make sure that we are pushing each other every day to reach new levels of quality and success. We stay motivated by wanting to do our best work every day. With every day comes a new challenge that we have to overcome, allowing us to be better at our jobs. By not doing the same tasks everyday it’s easy to want to come to work and learn new things.

What changes have you seen in the industry and your company in the past few years?

One of the biggest changes is with the rising cost of building supplies. We have to really manage our supplies and make sure we are keeping costs down. By making sure that we properly manage supplies and cutting waste, we can increase profitability and keep prices lower for the customers—making both sides happy.

What do you see happening with the business and/or industry in the next five years?

The one constant in our industry is the need for space. I see a lot of companies trying to maximize space while still trying to protect employees health concerns due to the pandemic. I believe that even after the pandemic is gone, there will still be conscious efforts made by companies to keep proper distance and controls in place to minimize risk to associates. It will remain important for us to come up with ways to help companies to achieve these goals at a cost-effective rate.

Tell me about some recent project or projects that you’re the most proud of.

We just did a complete remodel of an office floor downtown. I’m very proud of this project not only because it turned out well, but we were able to complete it in the given timeframe—and we did all of it in the middle of a pandemic. We used multiple sub-contractors that all were occupying the same space and working side by side and didn’t have a single case of COVID-19 traced back to the job site. It wasn’t without its challenges. Getting materials here in a timely fashion and people having to miss work due to outside sources of illness made it tough, but the project was still completed on time. The best part of the project was to hear the customers walk through and really appreciate the space for its beauty and functionality.

Call Brown Brothers Construction, Inc. for an estimate at (402) 858-5155 or visit their Facebook page (@BrownBrothersConstructionInc).

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