John Henry’s of Lincoln, Nebraska – Where Dreams Come Together!

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Logo_John_Henrys_Plumbing_Heating_Air_Conditioning_Lincoln_NebraskaAre you excited to go to work? Does your company have internal energy that motivates you? Do you make a difference in our community? Do your efforts save lives and improve health? Are you happy with the direction of your career?

If so, you may be working at John Henry’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. Owners Deb and John Henry (Jack) Zohner are “proud of the John Henry’s team culture and work ethics. They believe your job needs to be fulfilling and fun. The sign on Jack Zohner’s desk for over 25 years asks, “have you had your fun today”?” John Henrys was built around that philosophy.

John Henrys hires for attitude and trains for skill. Positive attitudes have developed a culture that continues to make a difference. It starts with hiring a team that works well together.  John Henrys is proof getting the right person on the bus is important!

It’s taken fine-tuning to improve their hiring practices through the years. Today they hire only quality applicants with positive attitudes. During their interview process John Henrys checks seven personality traits to fill positions with applicants that will fit well. Knowing those personality traits is also important to manage individual personalities and needs. This helps promote diversity of thinking within their team.

Interviews at John Henrys are taken seriously. Multiple managers interview applicants and then compare their findings. Before hiring an applicant, criminal history background is verified, plus drug and alcohol testing. The safety of their customers is important.

Technicians utilize laptop computers to perform at a high level. Their cube trucks are carefully stocked with parts to do 95% of the service calls. GPS helps in dispatching the closest technician to reduce drive time.

Jack Zohner has slowly been stepping away from the business side to allow more concentration on team building. He feels a strong team is the center core of a company and never just profit. He believes, “profit tends to follow strong teams so we concentrate primarily on what’s important”.

Jack Zohner plans to stay involved indefinitely to coach the managers as necessary. Lindsey Reinke, their daughter, and Joe Reinke, their son-in-law have been working in the family owned business for the last 12 years. John Henry’s has a strong management team in place that continues to take things to that next level.

The proof John Henry’s “dream team” is working well together is during the last year achievements include winning the Angie’s List Super Service Awards for Plumbing and HVAC, KFOR Best of Lincoln, Lincoln Journal Star People’s Choice Award, and the BBB Ambassador of Integrity Award. That’s impressive!

Jack Zohner has an open door policy to anyone that wants to tour the John Henry’s facility to see their Learning Center, motivation posters, Diner, plumbing and HVAC collectables, murals, the military wall, and other interesting items.

John Henrys believes in building careers and people. They continue to raise the bar of excellence and set the examples. John Henrys is a place where dreams come together! 


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