The Lincoln Airport (LNK, is currently undergoing exciting expansion and renovation efforts that will modernize the 50-year-old terminal. Dubbed the “LNK Next” project, these efforts include 38,500 square feet of new building construction which will result in two new gates and six new jet bridges. In addition, approximately 57,000 square feet of the existing facility is being renovated. The project is expected to be completed in late 2022.

“It is amazing to think what a significant impact a modern terminal can have on the overall passenger experience. As the face of the Airport, it is the first and last impression that our guests have when visiting our community and we want that impression to resonate for all the right reasons. From the improved efficiency with check in and security, to the enhanced passenger amenities, to a completely modernized interior, LNK Next aims to create the perfect personification of the welcoming spirit of Lincoln, whether a returning guest or a first time visitor.” – David Haring, A.A.E.

Updated Infrastructure

Renovations will include enhancements for passenger safety in the terminal security areas, as well as a fully renovated lobby on the main floor, including flooring, lighting, and other fixtures. This project will also incorporate new COVID design concepts and remodeled airport administrative offices.

Two New Gates

LNK will increase its capacity by adding two gates, as well as installing two additional passenger boarding bridges to accommodate peak hour demand. These additions will also leave room for additional expansion.

Full TSA PreCheck Capability

Infrastructure will be put into place to allow TSA to run a full PreCheck. If implemented by TSA, then registered travelers will be able to enjoy the same PreCheck amenities experienced at larger commercial service airports.

Improved Amenities

Full-service post-security food and beverage options will make traveling in and out of Lincoln much sweeter!

Economic Impact of the Lincoln Airport

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Aeronautics Division economic impact study indicates that the Lincoln Airport provides an overall impact of $1.3 billion per year on the local economy, including delivery of jobs and visitor spending.
Aviation activity can greatly influence economic growth and development, as Lincoln Airport contributes toward $43.4 million in visitor spending and nearly 15,000 annual visitors (not including residents), who fly in, stay at hotels, eat at restaurants, rent cars, and transact business.