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What do a stupid puppet and a table full of awards have to do with each other? Nothing on the surface of it, but at Maly Marketing, we think of them as two sides of the same coin. On one side, success comes from taking our client’s goals extremely seriously. On the other it’s a reminder not to take ourselves even remotely seriously.

That puppet is just a silly tool to get some attention. A one-eyed cyclops with a blue mohawk will do that. We’re also fairly sure that nothing like it has graced the cover of Strictly Business before, so that’s a plus because differentiation is important.

The prism awards on the other hand (all those glass things) are awarded for marketing and business results. Leads, revenue, bookings, ROI, real results.

Those business results are what we focus on. Sometimes we use silly things to help us get them; sometimes, it’s more straightforward. No matter what, our focus is always on promoting our client’s business goals in a way that gets results. It could be something as simple as a coaster promoting free beer that netted an ROI of 6,518%. Or cartoons that resulted in a 310% increase in tracked leads for conference and event bookings. We had a direct mail offer work so well that our client stopped marketing for two quarters because it filled every remaining slot for the remainder of the year.

Now, these are outliers, of course, that’s why they won awards. If you keep working toward making sure you do the right thing, getting consistently positive results, you increase your chances of getting a great outlier result.

Over the last three years, we have an 80% win rate on our Prism submissions. We didn’t set out to win the awards. We won the awards because we put our clients first, and their results allowed us to impress the judges.

That’s the key. Put your clients first, and serve their needs. It works better. If we do it well enough and the results are there, we win awards.

We’d like to thank our award-winning and multi-award-winning clients from the last three years that have allowed us to serve them:


  • Revealed films

  • Visit North Platte

  • Kearney Visitors Bureau

  • Bright Line Eating

  • Country Stampede

  • Nebraska Eclipse Coalition

Lincoln’s our home, and we value serving local businesses. If you have some business goals that need to be met, give us a call. We’d love the chance to help.

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