TCW Construction Inc. Over three decades of experience in providing General Contracting & Design-Build services.

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The cover picture taken here is the crushing operations for TCW Construction Inc. This strategic site is located at 3rd and west P St. looking east at our new arena location , Lincoln’s downtown and our historic state capital.

This site has been used for crushing concrete rubble from projects like the Harris Overpass, Lincoln’s airport , Offutt AFB, and multiple city and state projects in and around the Lincoln area. This recycling operation alone has eliminated the need to haul thousands and thousands of tons of concrete and asphalt rubble to our landfill, saving valuable space needed for true garbage disposal and extending the life of our landfill.

TCW crushes concrete and asphalt rubble and turns it into a reuseable product for their customers. They provide many varieties of sizes and types of material dependent of its final end use. Their product is primarily used for roadway base coarse , pipe bedding , fill material and roadways for construction entrances and drives.

TCW Construction Inc is a succession company derived from Tony’s Cement Works Inc. Tonys’ Cement Works Inc. was incorporated in 1977 and the succession plan was completed in 1998 by Joseph M Delgado , President of the company and brothers Scott and Ryan also officers of the company. In addition to the TCW team is a closely knit group of project managers , superintendents and a complete team of disciplined employees that make TCW Construction the successful company that they have become.

TCW Construction Inc. currently performs many types of construction activities that intermingle with the crushing portion of their business. TCW has a division that performs slipform paving operations for US Airforce at Offutt AFB, Lincoln airport , many smaller airports around Nebraska and roadway paving for Nebraska Department of Roads and city and counties all arround Nebraska. TCW also has a division that builds a turnkey project for pre engineered Butler buildings and performs all types of concrete work from foundations , finish floors, structural concrete walls and for many years has been building and repairing levees for the Corps of Engineers . In general, TCW Construction Inc has construction managers who can build whatever is needed by their client and performs on time and budget.

Also in 1998, TCW Construction Inc. created a new company Husker Concrete LLC or better known as “Husker Ready Mixed Concrete”. Husker supplies and delivers ready mixed concrete to a variety of construction companies in Lincoln and from outside Lincoln. Some of the projects Husker is most proud of is the Harris Overpass , several new bridges on I-80 near Lincoln, Antelope Valley Project and numerous paving and building projects for TCW Construction.

TCW Construction
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