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front-cover-jetsplash-augustJetSplash (, founded in Lincoln in early 2003, opened as a full service touchless car wash and detail center.  At the time, the full service model dominated car washing.  Customers would expect to spend up to 30 minutes to have their vehicles washed and vacuumed.  Soon after JetSplash opened, we noticed a shift in what our customers felt was important in a car wash.  Time and money became the focus, with customers wanting to get a wash faster while having the option to pay for only for the service they needed.  JetSplash responded with a focus on exterior washes and the addition of free vacuums for customer use.  Customers were able to select an exterior wash and clean the inside themselves.  In addition, JetSplash elected to switch from touchless washing to soft foam to safely clean more effectively. After changing our business model we flourished, allowing JetSplash to build our second, third and fourth locations in the past 5 years.

JetSplash would not be where we are today without the loyalty of our customers.  Car washing is an extremely difficult industry to operate, as no two vehicles are exactly alike. Vehicles are shaped differently, have different contaminants and levels of soil.  It is often overlooked how difficult it is to produce a clean vehicle in 5 minutes or less; it is not easy.  We continually implement the latest technology – updating, modifying and adding wash equipment along with researching and testing chemicals to produce the best result for our customers.  Our focus is happy customers.  We strive to make it as easy as possible to get their vehicles clean.  Our goal is to produce a clean vehicle in the least amount of time, at the highest quality, at an affordable price, in a friendly manner, safely, in an enjoyable environment.

logo 2JetSplash would not be successful without the quality help from our staff.  We have employed thousands of employees over the past 13 years, with a current staff of 120+ employees.  Staff continuity is very important to us and we have always faced many challenges in retaining the best staff possible. We are able to keep most employees for several years at a time, which promotes the highest quality of work for our customers.  We invest a lot to provide the best working environment for our staff.  We pay competitive wages, which is increasingly difficult with the minimum wage increase, and we are flexible with our staff’s hours, which is vital to employee retention.

We also strive to help and be active in our community.  We participate in numerous fundraisers, donating thousands of dollars of services to raise money for good local causes.  We are committed to keeping our facilities in tiptop shape, further enhancing this great community.  We always prefer to use local contractors and buy local parts whenever possible to keep the money in the city of Lincoln.  On top of generating money to pay taxes and employing hundreds of employees, we have a lot of pride in our community and love to give back.

We appreciate the importance of our history and feel it is even more important to have future plans.  We continue to focus on strategic local growth and are extremely close to finalizing a land purchase for our fifth car wash in Lincoln. We also see the possibility of a sixth Lincoln location in our near future.  Our focus always has been and will continue to be providing a great product with a friendly staff at the most technologically advanced facilities.  We plan to add new, enhanced services that will benefit our members and loyal customers.

For more information on JetSplash, call 402-420-7760 or visit us at or stop by one of our locations.

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