Back to School in Lincoln, NE – 2019


Back to School in Lincoln, NE – 2019

As summer draws to a close, teachers, parents, and students alike begin their back to school preparations. Whether you’re a parent of a student or you are preparing to continue your own education, this can be an equally stressful and exciting time. There are some basic things on the checklist to do before the school year starts, along with some things that you might not think about. We spoke to a few local professionals who shared some helpful tips when it comes to preparing to go back to school.

Ann Ringlein
Lincoln Running Company

“Back to school at the Lincoln Running Co. means a lot of cross country runners from all over the state making their way to our store for the right fit for their sport,” said Ann Ringlein with Lincoln Running Co. “You don’t have to be a cross country runner to want a great fitting athletic shoe though. Every student heading back to school should get fit just like the cross country runners do. Having the proper shoe for PE classes or walking all over a bigger-than-you’re-used-to college campus can make the difference in loving your situation or not loving it so much.”

According to Ann, feet have a lot to do with your overall comfort. Going in and picking out your own shoes without being measured, fit, or counseled is asking for discomfort! Whether you are a state champion in cross country or you just do a lot of walking across campus for classes, having shoes that comfortably fit and support your feet is essential.

Ann shared a few key tips with us:

  • Always get your feet measured when you shop for a new pair of shoes. Feet can change, even after you are done growing.
  • Bring in your old shoes, the experts at Lincoln Running Co. can read them like car tires and tell a lot about your gait.
  • If possible, come in later in the day to try on shoes as that is when your feet are as big as they are going to be.
  • Be willing to try on several different styles and always go with what feels the best—not which color you like the best.
Diane Hesson - Play It Again Sports - headshot

Diane Hesson
Play It Again Sports

Aside from getting the right pair of shoes, if you or your student need additional athletic ware, Play It Again Sports has a great selection of quality new and used gear at affordable prices. “We’re stocked up with equipment for the upcoming fall sports—softball, football, volleyball, and youth soccer being the main ones.” Diane Hesson with Play It Again Sports informed us. “Shop early so you don’t miss out on the best selection!”

Diane also pointed out how important it is for college students to maintain a consistent exercise plan: “It might be hard to fit in a work out while you’re also balancing challenging courses, homework, extracurriculars, meetings, working a part-time or full-time job, a social life, and maybe even having a family to take care of. Especially if you’re a first-year college student, it’s difficult to get used to a new routine. When you have a long to-do list, make sure that your physical health is not last on that list. If it is, all your other commitments will suffer. Most campuses have basketball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, tracks, gyms, and other areas for recreational sport. Join an intramural team or get a group of friends together to play a game. At Play It Again Sports, we have a collection of gear and equipment for almost any sport. We also buy used gear, so if you’re interested in making a few bucks for equipment that you no longer use or have room for, bring it to our store!”

Dr. Ashley Hayes
Express Life Chiropractic

Echoing the importance of physical well being among students was Dr. Ashley Hayes with Express Life Chiropractic. “Taking the time to discuss study habits and stress management is important at the beginning of the school year,” stated Ashley. “Once school begins, we all become busy trying to keep up with school work and the demands of daily life. Developing a plan for transportation, study times, exercise, and meals will help decrease stress.”

For families with children in school, Dr. Ashley recommends starting the year out with a plan for how to adapt to all the stresses that go along with going back to school: “Our bodies are constantly bombarded with different stresses; there’s physical, chemical, and emotional stress in our daily lives, and it adds up! It’s not about what that stress does to our body though, it’s about how our body adapts and responds to that stress.”

This is why it’s important to have your student checked out by a trusted chiropractor. The thing about chiropractic care that we need to remember is that our entire body is affected by the condition of our spine and spinal cord.

“Your spinal cord is what allows your brain and your body to communicate with each other,” Dr. Ashley noted. “It is the pathway for impulses from the body to the brain, and from the brain to the body. Without the right signals from our brain, our organs cannot function properly. This is why, if any part of this pathway is under stress or disrupted in any way, it will affect other functions of our body. For example, headaches/migraines, trouble sleeping, asthma, allergies, bed wetting, ADHD, low energy, acid reflux…the list goes on and on! This is why neurologically based chiropractic care, what we do here at Express Life Chiropractic, is a vital part of your overall health and beneficial for all ages. If you have a student who is involved in sports or they have some physical concerns in their daily life, or if you are a student yourself and the stress of school is taking a physical toll on your body, come see us! Our team wants you and your family to live your best life.”

As the parent of a high school senior, you’ve likely already had many talks about “what’s next.” If your student hasn’t decided what their path is yet, we recommend looking into Southeast Community College (SCC). Higher education is definitely something that needs to be taken into consideration throughout high school, not just the months leading up to graduation. SCC is proud to offer dual credit opportunities to high school students to get a jump start on their post-secondary degree and explore career opportunities while still in high school. Through either the DC Advantage or Career Academy (SENCAP) programs, students can earn both high school and college credit. By completing dual credit courses through either program, students will begin to acquire college credit hours to apply towards a Program of Study at SCC or a four-year intuition by transferring dual credit hours earned after graduating high school.

Dual credit courses are offered in a 16-week format and delivered through a variety of channels: online, distance learning, or face-to-face with a certified dual credit SCC instructor. Classes begin in August and January of every year. It’s good to talk to your student’s high school counselor about these options!

If you are looking for a career change or would like to reduce your debt as you pursue a bachelor’s degree, Southeast Community College is the place for you. SCC offers more than 50 Programs of Study, most of which can be completed in 18–24 months. There are online options, including the ability to complete some programs entirely online. SCC also offers hundreds of non-credit classes and workshops in a variety of topics and has eight intercollegiate athletic programs, four for men and four for women.

Approximately 9,500 students enroll at SCC annually, taking courses at campuses in Beatrice, Lincoln, and Milford. SCC also offers courses in Lincoln at two off-campus sites, including its Jack J. Huck Continuing Education Center and a downtown satellite campus known as Education Square. SCC also offers Adult Basic Education classes and citizenship classes, and General Educational Development tests for students who have not earned a high school diploma.

In summary, no matter where you’re at in your educational career, make your health a priority and be prepared for what’s next—financially, mentally, and physically. Find what you are passionate about then prepare yourself to take the necessary steps to reaching your goals, and if you’re a parent, encourage your kids to do the same.