June is most notably the month when we honor and celebrate all of the fathers!  For many of us, this entails taking great pride in finding the perfect gift, as a token of our immense appreciation and gratitude for all that they do, in addition to spending some quality time together on Father’s Day.

Taking your dad out to eat on Father’s Day is pretty standard; who doesn’t enjoy a good family meal out on the town?!  And with so many new restaurants in Lincoln, we certainly don’t have a shortage of options!  However, if you want to treat your father to an unforgettable experience, we can recommend a few places that are sure to please.  From southeast Lincoln’s new slow dining gem, MōMō Pizzeria & Ristorante, to a wealth of new restaurants in the West Haymarket, to the classic favorites all across the city, to enjoying an afternoon or evening in the Haymarket at the family-friendly Rodizio Grill (with a selection of over a dozen meats too!)—there is definitely something for everyone!  Also, for those who haven’t tried out any of the newer restaurants in Lincoln, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!

Several highlights of MōMō Pizzeria & Ristorante include its relaxed yet refined atmosphere, an amazing signature cocktail and wine selection which pairs with their flavorful and unique menu offerings, and plenty of menu items that present a fresh twist on Italian classics which can be enjoyed alone or in Cotorno plates that are designed to be shared.  For those who want an easy-going place to unwind while enjoying food that you can’t find anywhere else in Lincoln, we recommend giving MōMō a try!

Several highlights of Rodizio Grill include unlimited appetizers, a salad bar with over 35 items from dressings for a lettuce salad to heavier homemade salad dishes and Brazilian staples, the opportunity to enjoy an unlimited amount of over a dozen different signature meats and grilled items, and a comfortable space to enjoy Rodizio’s complete dining experience for as long as you like.  Rodizio embraces the theme of celebration, so when you dine at their restaurant, it is not just a meal but time well spent while enjoying the company, atmosphere, and plenty of absolutely delicious fare.

As far as Father’s Day gifts are concerned, you can never go wrong with giving your dad something sharp to enhance his wardrobe.  From relaxed to professional attire and accessories to complement any look, Gary Michael’s Clothiers has plenty to offer.  Gary Novotny, owner of Gary Michael’s Clothiers, says, “The technology that is incorporated into fabrics has come a long way, and integrating items with these new fabrics is the perfect way to update and freshen up his wardrobe.  Additionally, the construction of newer items is not as heavy, which makes a big difference in comfort and ease of movement.  There is also a lot more variety available in men’s accessories, which makes these types of items perfect gifts as they are a treat that your father will appreciate.  Instead of just a black or brown belt, there are more options for color, contrast stitching, exotic materials, etc.  This season, men’s leather bags and briefcases are very popular as well as unique cufflinks.   Neckwear is still a wardrobe staple, and with the modern designs available, I assure you they are not boring!  Fathers are often on the backburner, so my best advice is to give dad a thoughtful item that he will enjoy and to show him as much love as you show your mom.  Do your dad a favor, and DON’T give him a garden hose.  It’s like giving your mom a toaster; it is directly related to work or effort on his behalf.  Give him a thoughtful item that he will enjoy, and then take him out to dinner and don’t let him pay!”

We wish you all a Happy Father’s Day filled with family and good times in honor of the special men out there who have contributed greatly to our lives in so many ways in the role of “Dad.” Enjoy your day gentlemen—you are loved and appreciated!

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