Monday, February 14th is a day that many people look forward to so they can express their love for the people who matter most to them—not just significant others, but also parents, children and all those who are near and dear to our hearts.  However, as many people who look forward to Valentine’s Day, just as many people dread it because they have no idea what to get for their loved one to show just how much they care.  Luckily for these people, we have a number of great ideas that are available right here in Lincoln!  Read on for some great gift ideas that will stay in your loved one’s heart for years to come!

First Things First

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, your family, your children or friends, it’s important to remember that this day is not about gifts.  Just expressing how much you care about those in your life with words, a card or just some quality time is the most important thing you can do to make sure they know how much they mean to you.  Giving them one of the below gifts is a nice supplement to this, but always keep in mind that nothing can replace true words from the heart.

There’s a reason why jewelry is a popular gift year after year for Valentine’s Day.  It’s timeless, it’s beautiful and it is something your loved one can wear every day to be reminded of how much you care.  If jewelry is on your list this year, consider stopping into Sartor Hamann to see their new Metalsmiths silver collection.  With rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces handcrafted in sterling silver and featuring precious and semi-precious stones, the Metalsmiths collection offers traditional as well as contemporary and unique pieces that she will be sure to love.  Don’t forget the guys when it comes to jewelry this year, either!  A watch makes a wonderful gift for that special man in your life and Sartor Hamann has a number of these to choose from as well.

Gifts for the Home

Something special for the home always makes a nice gift and is doubly nice if you live with your significant other as you can enjoy it, too!  Consider a candle from Hallow Candle Co., a locally owned shop that just released a new line of aromatherapy candles for the holiday.  Inside you may find one of three hidden tokens.  If you find a token, you win a pair of diamond earrings worth $300 from Lincoln Jewelry Co.!  What a great gift to give that special someone…the candle itself is gift enough, but imagine if your loved one also won the earrings!  If candles are not your sweetie’s favorite, Hallow also offers a number of other handmade products that are sure to please.

Plum Creek Gifts is another wonderful locally owned store that has some great offerings for Valentine’s Day.  Whether you are looking for gourmet foods, Americana themes, framed art work or furnishings such as rugs and table runners, Plum Creek Gifts is a great one-stop shop for the person who loves to decorate her home!  Make sure to visit Plum Creek Gifts year round as owner Ruth Ann Carpenter loves the different seasons so the whole store becomes a festive holiday experience, whether it is spring, fall or Christmas.

Clothes and Accessories

What woman wouldn’t like a cute new pair of shoes, a great jacket or a beautiful scarf this Valentine’s Day?  Many men get intimidated when it comes to shopping for clothes and accessories for their wives or girlfriends.  Many of them use the excuse, “I don’t know if she’ll like what I buy,” or “I don’t know her size.”  You can easily get around these two issues by going shopping at a locally owned boutique rather than a large, national chain.  Local boutiques have sales associates (often the owner herself), who will be more than happy to help you pick out something special for the one you love.  Not sure she’ll like what you buy?  Take a few moments to tell the person helping you about your significant other.  Does she like to dress up or down?  Does she wear a lot of jeans or is she more of a dress girl?  As far as sizes go, you can always grab a garment from the closet she wears all the time and take it with you so the sales associate has a better idea of size.  But if you want to avoid the issue altogether, a bright scarf, pair of boots (just glance at her favorite pair of running shoes for size) or funky belt will make a great gift, too.

Here are just a few of the great local boutiques you should check out for a great Valentine’s gift:
Blu Velvet—2600 N. 48th St.–Perfect place to find a great dress and matching shoes!
The Edge—1501 Pine Lake Road—Denim headquarters!  Choose a great pair of jeans for her.
Rita’s Boutique—6891 A Street Suite 104—Pick out the perfect handbag!
Rachel’s Boutique—7121 Pioneer Blvd—Your one stop for everything Pandora and Vera Bradley.
“b” | beyourself – Unique clothing, shoes, and accessories you won’t find anywhere else.
Anonymous for Men—2600 N. 48th—Don’t forget the guys!  Anonymous has fashionable shirts, jeans and accessories for the man with style!

Night Out

A night away from home always makes for a special night.  Concerned you can’t take a weekend away from the kids and head out of town?  No problem, you can have a night away right in town and only be gone overnight!  Consider a package like the one Embassy Suites is offering this year.  You have the choice of packages that include overnight accommodations, red rose, bottle of champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and an array of assorted mini desserts for two or the above amenities plus dining in the Embassy Bar & Grill with a special menu.  What a special night and you don’t even have to leave Lincoln!

Gifts for Little Ones

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about significant others.  It’s a time to surprise all the loved ones in your life, including children!  Whether you have children of your own or you want to get a gift for a special niece or godchild, Tiara’s is a great place to find that perfect little something.  Tiara’s has adorable outfits for both boys and girls as well as accessories they will adore.  These also make great gifts to parents (especially for spouses who want to give their wife a cute little something for their daughter or a special new outfit for their son).

The Best Time to Get Engaged!

Is there a more romantic time of year to get engaged?  We don’t think so!  If you’re planning a Valentine’s engagement, the first order of business, of course, is the ring.  As well as offering great Valentine’s Day gifts, Sartor Hamann is also the perfect place to shop for an engagement ring.  Once the perfect ring is found, the planning may begin.  How are you going to surprise her?  Where will the proposal take place?  Will you be alone or in the midst of friends and family?  What will you do when she accepts?

This may seem like the end of your proposal check list…but it’s not!  Why not commemorate this day forever by having the proposal videotaped?  Cali Hlavac of A Sound Impression has taped a number of proposals…and many of the soon-to-be fiancés never even knew she was there!  “Filming the proposal is the ultimate way to surprise your fiancé,” says Cali.  “Most brides to be are so full of emotion during the proposal, most feel like they blink and it’s over.  By capturing it all on film, it gives them the opportunity to relive that emotional moment for years to come.  It’s also an opportunity to share that moment with family or friends who couldn’t be present to help celebrate.  The last thing we want to do is ruin the surprise!  We work with our clients to get all the details of the big moment, then will position ourselves where we can get a shot without being noticed – whether that means hiding in the bushes, around the building corner, or at a table nearby, we do whatever it takes to stay hidden and still capture the moment.  Guys, trust me, you can’t go wrong with this.  Ask any woman and most will tell you they would have loved if their fiancé had thought to hire someone to capture it on film!”

Valentine’s Day should be a day everyone looks forward to, whether you are in a relationship or not.  It’s a day to express love and appreciation for those who mean the most to you.  Remember, the above gift ideas are great ways to express appreciation, but the most important thing is to always take the opportunity to tell those you love how much they mean to you!

Check out these great stores for your Special Valentine’s Day