With the population in Lincoln and surrounding areas continuing to grow at an increasing rate, the commercial landscape of Lincoln is steadily changing and expanding as well. Lincoln consistently has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Because of this, new professionals are easily attracted to the area. All of this means good things for the construction industry, including a wealth of opportunities for exciting new projects and development.

The construction industry plays an important role in the economy. When the economy begins to slow down, the construction industry often feels the effects first – but when there is a strong demand for new construction, it’s an indicator the economy is on the right path. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, such as skyrocketing prices on building materials, major supply chain issues, and labor shortages, the construction industry persevered. According to the US Census, it is estimated that the total put-in-place for 2022 was around $1.79 trillion, an increase of 10.2% from the previous year (construction put-in-place is the estimated total dollar value of construction work done in the United States).

Research indicates that the most pervasive trends in commercial construction in 2023 include increased use of biological construction materials, safety features, remote technology, modular construction, artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, design technology, supply-chain alternatives, and a move away from purchasing new equipment and instead renting or buying previously used implements. As we talked to local companies in the commercial construction business, we found some of the most common trends in the industry now include aerial imaging, attention to safety, quality, technology, and environmental impact, prefabricated construction with precision engineering and consistent quality; repurposing of existing buildings, sustainability, advancement in energy-saving designs, and more.

Are you ready to start from scratch with a new office building? Maybe you aren’t prepared to build a new office, but are interested in renovating an existing building. Regardless of the route you want to take, Lincoln has many knowledgeable and experienced contractors that can help you create the most efficient and effective workplace.

High-Quality Workmanship

Kingery Construction (kccobuilders.com) offers full service from pre-construction through the completion of the project. It is their mission to provide a superior level of professionalism, integrity, and honesty while offering cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. With exceptional management skills and a solid work ethic, the Kingery team can ensure that the highest-quality workmanship is evident on every project. They value their relationships and vow to remain true to their employees, project owners, vendors, and partners. Kingery has completed projects through a variety of processes
including Design Build, Design Bid Build, Construction Management, and as General Contractor.

Kingery is proud to have recently completed Lincoln’s newest elementary school in the Waterford Estates neighborhood as well as eight years of improvements and new spaces at NECC in Norfolk. They are also currently in the third and final phase at Lincoln Regional Center ensuring safer spaces for patients. The building process has recently begun for the new Uehling Fire Station proving the perfect space for an extremely important volunteer fire department. The Omaha Kingery team is currently working on several projects including Ralston High School, Mockingbird Community Center, and D.B. Property/ Voss Electric.

In recent years, the drive for environmentally friendly products and projects has increased. Many consumers are beginning to prioritize companies that use these eco-friendly processes, even at a slightly larger cost.

Rick Wintermute
Kingery Construction

“Green materials are still in high demand. In some projects where owners desire to be more eco-friendly, we have found many of the materials to be minimally more expensive options than normal building materials,” shared Rick Wintermute, Kingery vice president.

“As construction costs, material supply, and workforce challenges continue to be a concern, we at Kingery have the experience and ability to assess the building project and find cost-effective alternatives to ensure the project isn’t affected negatively.”

In addition to getting eco-friendly, there are a number of other trends in commercial construction that Kingery has been adapting to and keeping up with.

“We are continuing to see a demand for warehouse and manufacturing spaces. This increase has prompted us to expand our Metal Building division which allows us the opportunity to bring the best construction options to our clients’ projects,” Rick explained. “There has been an increase in technologically integrated data with all systems in the building; heating/air,
lighting, security, and access control.”

In January, Kingery Construction acquired Construct Inc. in Omaha. Construct Inc. fits into Kingery Construction’s strategy of providing excellent commercial construction services to the communities of Nebraska. The additional expertise and knowledge the employees in Omaha possess will ensure that Kingery Construction remains a top-notch provider of construction services for years to come. 2024 will be Kingery’s 100th Anniversary making them the longest tenured construction company in Lincoln.

Solutions for the Built Environment

AOI (aoicorp.com) provides solutions for the built environment through their construction, furniture, and prefabricated construction divisions.

The furniture team can transform ordinary spaces into collaborative, innovative environments. They utilize the most credible and latest data to help their sales and design teams provide the necessary expertise to help clients create inspiring interior landscapes. As Nebraska’s MillerKnoll Certified Dealer, AOI offers the most comprehensive set of design brands in the industry. Each of these brands is uniquely innovative and together they add up to a robust portfolio of products that suit any company’s diverse needs.

AOI’s Prefabricated Construction team offers state-of-the-art industrialized construction including interior walls, doors, power, technology, plant walls, timber, and casework from DIRTT Environmental Solutions. As Nebraska’s Certified DIRTT Partner, they’re leading a regional revolution of the construction process. Prefabricated Construction has the ability to completely transform how construction projects are designed, priced, and delivered in the marketplace. DIRTT Environmental Solutions can take most of the typical processes of a construction project off-site, meaning that interior walls are prebuilt including doors, hardware, plug-and-play power, data and technology, glass and graphics, and more. When all interior walls, doors, power, and casework can be manufactured utilizing the accuracy and efficiencies associated with factory-built, industrialized construction, the balance of the project is generally completed more quickly, cleanly, and safely. This also takes pressure off of local labor markets that are already stretched to capacity. One of the primary benefits of DIRTT Walls is the flexibility of the finished environment. This means that any DIRTT interior environment is essentially future-proof.

Marco Lade

“Prefabricated Construction is gaining significantly in popularity for workplace, education, and public sector markets with the largest gains occurring in health care. Owners everywhere are looking for reliability in their projects; reliability of design intent, price, and schedule. No construction methodology can currently deliver on all of these promises like
Prefabricated Construction. We’ve completed some high-profile projects regionally using DIRTT Environmental Solutions that we’re very proud of including the new Lincoln Electric System Operations Center. This project included DIRTT walls, doors, power, and embedded technology,” Director Client Experience Marco Lade shared.

“We also completed the Kiewit Omaha HQ project, a seven-story, 180,000-square-foot steel-framed building designed to foster collaboration and interaction. We provided DIRTT walls for all interior offices, meeting and conference rooms, including modular power on all floors. This project also utilized DIRTT Leaf Wall, DIRTT Breathe, and DIRTT Timber for interior collaborative and office locations.”

AOI is able to provide quick and reliable service with DIRTT Environmental Solutions that has proven to thrive even through difficult obstacles.

“The recent supply chain challenges in construction provided great opportunities for DIRTT Environmental Solutions to shine the light on several critical value propositions available to our clients including speed to market, fit and finish, and future flexibility,” explained Marco. “The standard lead times for DIRTT products are astonishingly short. Walls with power are 14 days manufacturing from order entry. Casework manufacturing is 21 days from order entry, while Timber is just 28 manufacturing days from order entry. The final interiors of a DIRTT project are almost always significantly higher in quality in fit and finish. More of your construction budget stays in your project on a DIRTT job.”

Customize Your Upholstery

Larkspur Upholstery Studio (larkspurupholsterystudio.com) works with many construction companies and contractors in the Lincoln metro area to provide custom built-in seating, upholstered, wall panels and other custom upholstered and reupholstered products. They use fine, heavy duty contract quality vinyls and fabrics and every year more styles, textures, colors, prints, and finishes become
available and so does the eco-friendliness of fabrics and soft furnishings.

Some recent projects they’ve worked on are the confessionals at St Mary’s church in downtown Lincoln, built-in and chair seating at the Seward Library Children’s room and reception, customer and banker seating at Pinnacle Bank in Crete, and they’re currently working on custom seating
and backrests for an upscale nail salon in Fallbrook.

The demand for upholstery in commercial industries is in full swing, as Larkspur can provide seating and built-in furniture options, reupholstery of older furniture, and repair for nearly every industry including medical equipment, gym equipment, dental chairs, exam tables, reception seating, office seating, restaurant booths and banquettes, seating for colleges and universities, office space, cubicle room dividers, seating and headboards for hotels and more. If it is upholstered, Larkspur Upholstery can do it.

Some new features in the upholstery industry are the advancement of eco-friendly fabrics, fabrics that can be cleaned with bleach, and heavy duty vinyls that can withstand temperatures as low as -30 fahrenheit. Textiles and foams are becoming more advanced and long-lasting all the time. Larkspur tries to reupholster as many older pieces of furniture as they can to both extend the life of expensive commercial furniture and keep items out of the landfill.

There is never a bad time to utilize upholstery services, whether residential or commercial. Larkspur can typically reupholster most commercial furniture for less than the cost of buying new, and custom furniture can be had to match the decor of any space. They are comfortable working within budgets and enjoy working with clients to make sure they get what they want.

Larkspur Upholstery prioritizies their commercial clients and typically can turn a job around quickly. They have a large shop with the ability
to work on very large items, store large amounts of fabric indefinitely for long-term clients, and are committed to top quality work.

Fresh Paint

Fresh coats of paint and on-trend aesthetics can help bring a building to life. Remy Refinishing (remyrefinishing.com) offers interior painting services specializing in cabinet painting. Remy Refinishing has done quite a number of commercial painting projects ranging from hotels to restaurants and even a laundromat. They also paint plenty of office spaces.

Jeremy Day
Remy Refinishing

“We have painted and been asked to paint all types of commercial spaces. In an active commercial space with people coming and going it can be hard to manage, but we enjoy working around other people and other trades while we complete our painting service,” said Owner Jeremy Day.

“Painting a laundromat has definitely been one of the more unique spaces we have painted and we enjoyed giving that space a fresh look.”

An interior paint job can last a long time but eventually it looks dirty, scuffed up, and not fresh. In your home this could drag down your mood. In a commercial setting it could give customers and clients the impression that you don’t care about your business and therefore you don’t care about them. The world of paint continues to evolve faster than people realize. In the past few years many companies have come out with amazing products that prevent scuffs, are antibacterial, are zero VOC, and have many other beneficial properties.

“I am a big fan of a newer product from Ben Moore called Scuff X. Their demo videos online show how it’s nearly impossible to leave those unsightly black scuff marks on walls painted with Scuff X,” Jeremy shared. “It looks beautiful on a wall and it’s a tough durable finish that will keep a wall looking great for a long time.”

It’s beneficial to ask a knowledgeable painter what kinds of products are out there that can improve the look, feel, and functionality of your business. Many painters use the same old products they are used to and never explore new paint technologies that can help you improve your home or business. Remy Refinishing is committed to evolving and growing with the current trends to provide you and your customers a space you can be proud of.

“Customers want to know you care about them and showing you care about your place of business conveys that to them,” Jeremy said. ”Paint is one of the highest impact things you can do to make your space look beautiful and inviting to your clients and customers.”

For top-notch paint jobs and top-of-the-line customer service, look no further than Remy Refinishing!

Always Meeting Your Needs

As a 100% employee-owned firm, you can be assured that Cheever Construction (cheeverconstruction.com) will deliver on their promises. The full-service general contractor/construction manager provides pre-construction services, construction management, and general contracting. Cheever Construction’s employees are invested partners that provide solutions for their clients. It is through these employee-owners that Cheever Construction is able to continue to perpetuate the principles of its founder and stay committed to a business philosophy that is dedicated to trusting relationships, excellence in performing services, workmanship that has enduring character, and meeting clients’ expectations on every project.

Justin Kurtzer Cheever Construction - Headshot

Justin Kurtzer
Cheever Construction

“Cheever is a relationship-based firm,” said President Justin Kurtzer.

“We take pride in building trust with our clients and project partners in all that we do. We have built our reputation on our ingenuity, expertise, and exceptional people. We utilize an effective schedule, coupled with the quality and skill from our subcontractors and combined with our field craftsmen. Cheever Construction takes pride in all of the relationships that we have entered. We strive to make each project the precursor to the next project, while building a lasting relationship with everyone involved.”

In terms of commercial construction projects, Cheever Construction has seen high demand throughout all sectors of the industry, including retail, manufacturing, education, and medical. However, the largest demand is coming from inside the industry.

“The biggest demand we see as a construction company is workforce and supply chain,” explained Justin. “Workforce is in high demand for all sectors of our industry. With supply chain challenges, extensive pre-planning and creativity in material selections are solutions that we, as a construction manager, have to provide insight on for our projects.”

Cheever Construction approaches each project with consistent objectives for success. They utilize an effective schedule coupled with the quality and skill from their subcontractors, combined with their field craftsmen. Their goal with each project is to make it the precursor to the “next” project, all while building a lasting relationship with everyone involved.

What to Wear

While a completed building is the goal, it takes a lot of work to get there. The hardworking members of the construction team will put hours and hours into making your building the best it can be. It is important that they stay safe and as comfortable as possible while doing so, and that includes what they wear.

Ole’s Boot & Shoe Repair (olesbootandshoerepair.com) offer quality and reliable shoe and boot repair services. The professionals at Ole’s have been highly trained and only use the best products. Whether you need new soles for your construction boots, or a broken heel repaired, you can count on them to do the job right without any hassle.

Ole’s also sells high quality leather products, such as belts, wallets, and cell phone cases. In addition to these items, they offer shoe and boot related products such as laces and inserts. Ole’s has been in business since 1981, so you can feel confident when leaving your boots, shoes, or leather items in their hands.

Invested in Success

Farris Engineering (farris-usa.com) is an employee-owned building design firm that specializes in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and commissioning services. Their roots date back to 1967, and
they’ve completed over 34,000 projects in more than 42 states. Farris

Engineering provides a broad swath of commercial building design and construction abilities. Everything from mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and data-comm design is part of every job. Farris Engineering ensures that all options and decisions are in step with what the client would like to see and needs for a successful project.

Brad Kennedy
Farris Engineering

Farris is proud of the projects they have a hand in, and employees remember the time spent on each project fondly. Brad Kennedy, PE, LEED AP, shared with us some of his favorite projects that he has worked on with Farris.

“I enjoyed working on the Department of Defense and University of Nebraska projects. Our office has designed and helped build several buildings located in Minot, ND, Grand Forks, ND, as well as Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri. These projects have ranged from simple office renovations to completely new hanger and maintenance facilities,” said Brad. “The larger, more recent project I was lucky enough to work on for the University of Nebraska was the East Campus – C.Y. Thompson Library renovation. The C.Y. Thompson library, now named the Dinsdale Family Learning Commons, was a major building transformation for the University of Nebraska East Campus.”

Brad also shared what has been popular in today’s market, along with why now is a great time to invest in Farris’ services.

“Following the pandemic, owners and clients are showing more concern about proper ventilation and on the flip side of that, energy conservation. Usually, these two points of design are hard to achieve together, but new energy recovery ventilators and controls are allowing increased ventilation and reduced energy consumption to be a reality,” Brad explained. “In today’s moving market, communication and sustainable decisions must come to the forefront of all construction projects. Energy will only become more expensive to the end user, so up-front discussions about how we can design a building that is not only life-cycle cost effective but safe, is top priority.”

With so many great local businesses available to help with your upcoming project, Farris wants to guarantee that their work sets them apart from the rest.

“I feel that Farris Engineering has the ability and experience to work in any type of building construction condition and usage. As I age in this industry, I feel that sustainability and energy conservation must be part of the grand picture for a project to be successful,” said Brad. “I also believe that communication between the owner, client, designers, and tradesman must be optimal to achieve a solid and functional building.”

Creating Intelligent Buildings

As the leading control technology contractor in Nebraska and Iowa, Engineered Controls (engineeredcontrols.com) offers a complete turnkey building-control solution, including system design, new construction, and owner-direct retrofit sales, installation, repair service, and preventive maintenance work for small buildings. Since 1994, they have been dedicated to designing easy-to-use building automation and security systems that provide the highest possible efficiency, all while ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining a safe and secure workplace. Their innovative and cost-effective building control solutions have been experienced by thousands of satisfied customers.

Pat Killeen
Engineered Controls

“We live in an era in which buildings of any size and shape can become intelligent buildings,” said Pat Killeen, president and CEO.

“With open protocol technology, they can connect multiple subsystems together, on one network, rather than operating them all independently— maximizing energy efficiency, lowering maintenance costs, and providing centralized building control.”

It’s becoming more and more common for a building to have one central location to control all lighting, heating, cooling, and security functions, including outdoor controls and elevator controls. Not only is this incredibly convenient, but if you want your company’s building to go green, this is also essential.

“Our Energy and Environmental Optimization, or EEO, program certified professionals are equipped with the training, tools, and experience to quickly assess your building’s current state and consult with you on the goals and objectives of your energy efficiency project,” explained Pat. “Our EEO professionals participate in a rigorous training program learning how to guide building owners and managers through a structured process of analysis and discovery. Leveraging the unique EEO toolset, they will partner with you to develop the right solution for
your building.”

Engineered Controls’ EEO program software identifies poorly performing buildings and then provides and automates corrective actions. Their EEO certified professionals can help accelerate implementation of the most popular energy conservation measures to optimize your facility.

Organize in Style

From cabinet and granite to sinks and faucets, the staff at A1 Cabinet & Granite (a1cng.com) is ready to turn the vision you have for your dream building into a thing of beauty. They offer high-quality cabinets and granite countertops at competitive pricing. Hand-pick your actual granite slab from more than 60 colors and 400 slabs at their warehouse. Plus, you can get a free estimate when you bring in your measurements!

Kim Choo
A1 Cabinet & Granite

“We focus on pricing and quality, which set us apart from other remodeling companies,” said Office Manager Kim Choo.

“Having our own line allows us to promise good quality at reasonable prices. Come to our showroom to see the wide selections of colors and materials, and we’ll work with you to choose a design that suits your tastes and vision.”

Customers can customize the depth, with the height and width available in a number of measurement options. Base, wall, pantry, vanity, and other cabinet options include this semi-customization option, plus full-extension drawers, plywood boxes, maple doors, drawers and frames, dove-tail and soft-close drawers, six-way Euro hinges, and full overlay panels. The turnaround time for cabinet delivery is about one to two weeks. Counters and other surfaces come in a huge variety of granite and quartzite and quartz composite, with your choice from eight types of edges, including straight, double radius, waterfall, chiseled, ogee, half bullnose, bevel, and laminated.

“Our warehouse is onsite, so you can pick the exact slab of granite that you want for your dream kitchen, bathroom, or bar, and we have marble and quartz options, too,” Kim said. “We have one of the biggest selections in Lincoln and some of the best prices. Come by and see what we can do for you!”

Renovate and Remodel

Bo Jones
Tru-Built Construction

An alternative to starting from scratch with your workplace is to remodel an existing building. Tru-Built Construction (tru-built.net) Co-owner Bo Jones said that taking an existing building and making improvements is just as great an option as starting from scratch – and may even work better for your business, too!

“We take pride in offering premier commercial renovation and remodeling services, with some recent projects including transforming the former The Post & Nickel building into a mixed-use one that incorporates Chase Bank, Lululemon Athletica, and Madida Clothing commercial spaces,” said Bo. “The space also has condo spaces available for lease on the upper floors. In reality, though, the building is actually four separate buildings, built side-to-side.”

The situation created some challenges, including varying floor levels, split plumbing and electric, and working on the remodel in the tight confines of the downtown area. Despite these trials, Tru-Built excelled at the project and was recognized as a Gold winner in Qualified Remodeler magazine for their work on the lofts.

“Regardless of the challenges, we now have a unique building with some fabulous features,” Bo said. “We preserved the original wood floors, the old billboard ads on the brick walls, and restored the big windows that were filled in with brick over the years. The group of owners has committed to a complete renovation, including: re-footing the basement; adding new structural walls and beams; supporting the floor joists and roof trusses with steel; and installing new wall framing, electric, heating, cooling, plumbing, fire protection, drywall, paint, windows, cabinets, and more. It basically will be a completely new building and exemplifies the benefits of using what you have instead of starting from scratch!”

Where You Stand

A key part of commercial construction is picking out all of the details – and there’s a lot of them! One detail that can have a big impact on your business and influence its entire look and functionality is the flooring. Underfoot Flooring Solutions (facebook.com/underfootflooringsolutionslincoln) can help you pick out the best materials for your business so that your floors will not only look great, but will last for the years to come.

Chad Schlisner
Underfoot Flooring Solutions

“The type of flooring you’ll want to put in your building depends on a lot of factors,” said Chad Schlisner, operations manager.

“If you are conscious of your brand, hardwood floors can add an elegant, timeless look to any office, retail, or commercial space. They make customers more comfortable and create an upscale feel. Resilient flooring materials can be put almost anywhere and are made to withstand heavy use while appearing to look like wood or stone. Resilient flooring can be found as sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), luxury vinyl plank (LVP), or vinyl composition tile (VCT).”

Underfoot proudly carries all types of flooring. Before the countless options overwhelm you, their knowledgeable team will be there to help you decide what material will work the best for your business. They take into consideration a variety of factors when making this decision: Will the flooring be in a high-moisture area? Will there be a lot of foot-traffic? Do you need a pet-friendly floor? Do you need low-maintenance flooring? These are all important questions to ponder.

One material that Underfoot is especially excited about is the Duracolor
carpet. It was developed by Mohawk Group, which markets the carpet as “forever stain-free.”

“Some would say that this is a risky claim to make, but not Mohawk,” said Chad. “They guarantee it for life. The advanced resistant fiber technology virtually eliminates carpet stains. We tested three types of carpet in red Kool-Aid, and only the Duracolor came out looking like new. This carpet is a great choice for high-traffic areas such as healthcare facilities, schools, office complexes, and other public spaces.”

Cabinets for Every Space

Depending on the type of building you are constructing, you may want to put some storage in the bathrooms, create a kitchen or bar area for your employees, or have a library in place. In this case, make a considerate selection when choosing the cabinetry that will be put into the building. Usher Custom Cabinets (facebook.com/UsherCustomCabinets) can deliver made-to-order cabinetry that will wonderfully complement the look of your building.

Whether you prefer styles that are more traditional, contemporary, or casual, Usher Custom Cabinets has you covered. Every job is tailored for each and every client, and all cabinets are custom-made to last with no limit on detail. Their cabinets will streamline your storage and help your business stay in-place and organized.

A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Whether your new building is looking to be sold, or you want to capture the completed space right when it is built, look no further than Altitude Motion Media (altitudemotion.com).

The Altitude Motion Media team have been professional photographers in Lincoln for over 15 years, and have been shooting real estate for more than half of that. Their pictures are excellent portrayals of the space, how the house is connected, as well as show the really awesome details that make each house unique.

Altitude has a passion for real estate, and it shows through the content they deliver to their real estate clients. They offer a variety of services including photography, videography, drone video, and virtual 3D tours. Plus, they are flexible for customized needs of each individual request, meaning you’ll get exactly what you pay for.

Transform Your Space with Concrete Solutions

Concrete is everywhere. No matter what kind of building you are looking to build, concrete will be a part of it, so don’t cover it up, make it part of the design.

Concrete Craft of Lincoln (concretecraft.com/lincoln-ne) can provide nearly endless solutions from simply polishing concrete, to adding color and texture to entryways, walkways, offices, showrooms, and just about any area of your new building. Decorative concrete finishes are great alternatives to traditional flooring options. Whether you want a simple look with polished gray concrete or something with a bit more character, Concrete Craft offers a variety of solutions that are durable and easy to maintain.

Whether you are looking for the wow factor on the inside or outside, Concrete Craft can help you to transform your space and upgrade its overall appearance. From a stamped concrete drive and entry, to stained concrete floors, and even concrete accent walls, let the team of concrete artisans turn your plain gray concrete into a work of art. No matter what concrete project you want to take on, Concrete Craft will help you transform your space and make your dull concrete pop – all without breaking the bank.

Don’t be Left in the Dark!

Established in 1932, ABC Electric (abcelectric.net) has over 165 combined years of experience in the electrical industry, with each manager having over 35 years of experience.

Jon Eicher
ABC Electric

“ABC Electric offers something most other electrical contractors cannot,” said Project Manager Jon Eicher.

“We offer the stability that 89 years in business brings, and the reliability and ethical business practices of the inaugural Lincoln Better Business Bureau Integrity award ensures. We can offer design/build construction processes or firm bid estimates, whatever the project requires. We are also in tune with the latest lighting and lighting control technologies. We believe the advancement of LED lighting products and controls will continue to be major issues driving electrical construction projects in the future.”

Jon shared with us a few things to consider when hiring an electrician for any project. First, be sure that the electrician is fully licensed and insured. In Nebraska, electrical contractors are required to have a license that demonstrates they have completed the education and field training necessary to perform jobs safely and correctly. This leads into his next tip: confirm that your electrician is informed and up-to-date with the National Electric Code.

“Professional electricians must stay current on their education about ever-changing electric codes,” Jon said. “The National Electric Code is routinely updated to address changes in technology and new safety requirements, and your electrician must stay informed of every new rule to ensure that your project is completed in a compliant fashion. What’s more, having up-to-date knowledge about codes can help streamline your permitting needs.”

Jon’s other tips included choosing an electrician who prices services based on the specific materials and labor required to complete your commercial project rather than a company that charges a flat rate, as you could end up paying more than you should have; finding a provider that offers emergency support 24/7; and reviewing an electrician’s guarantee policies, as they can protect you from additional costs if you need to fix problems with any work that your electrician does.

Evolve the Exterior

It’s amazing what a professional paint job can do for not only your business’s curb appeal, but for its brand and interior appeal, too. We highly recommend Walter’s Painting Inc. (walterspaintinginc.com) for all of your painting needs. Walter’s offers first-rate exterior- and interior-painting services, in addition to wallpaper removal, power washing, refinishing of decks and other outdoor areas, re-staining, painting cabinets, and nearly any coating removal or application you can think of. They offer efficient, reliable service with minimal disruption to your commercial activity. If you want to make sure your commercial painting project is completed on-time and on-budget, you need to work with the crew at Walter’s Painting.

Jeff Walters
Walter’s Painting Inc.

“Walter’s Painting uses only top-quality products and qualified painting crews experienced with helping clients make the most informed decorating and painting decisions,” said Owner Jeff Walters.

“With our team of well-trained and experienced painters, we understand what business owners expect from a painting company, and we are always ready to deliver.”

Their commercial painting services are carried out by a fully insured, licensed, and well-trained painting team that uses advanced equipment operated under the strictest of safety standards. Walter’s Painting can perform work for office buildings and schools, hotels and retail stores, apartment complexes, medical facilities, and any industry that requires their services.

Brick by Brick

Established in 1881, Yankee Hill Brick (yankeehillbrick.com) works with local contractors to supply quality brick of all varieties and colors. The combination of quality, color, and pristine finish makes Yankee Hill an attractive choice for architects and design-build firms throughout the United States and internationally. Their unique blends of clay and a state-of-the-art, high temperature firing kiln allow manufacturing of the highest quality clay brick products in the industry.

Brick is an ideal material for siding and retaining walls and it continues to be a popular choice for its charming aesthetic. In addition to making and selling their own bricks, Yankee Hill also imports a selection of imported bricks from other manufacturers, chosen to complement the local Nebraska market. The biggest advantage of brick siding is that it is low maintenance.

The Roof Over Your Head

The value of a solid, trustworthy roof over your head cannot be overstated. In fact, the roof just might be the most important part of your building. It provides you protection from the intense Nebraska elements, and if it’s not constructed by a company that uses quality materials and hires only highly qualified professionals, you risk damaging the building itself, inside and out. Neemann & Sons (neemannandsons.com) has been replacing and repairing damaged roofs, windows, gutters, and siding for over 40 years, and they are locally renowned for being honest, hard-working, and reliable to ensure that every customer gets a personalized solution to their roofing needs. As a family-owned and -operated business, Neemann & Sons takes enormous pride in their work and guarantees their customers’ satisfaction every time.

Trevor Neemann
Neemann & Sons

“We specialize in shingled and flat roofing and are one of the few roofing companies left that can install a built-up hot asphalt roofing system in Lincoln,” said Owner Trevor Neemann. “We are a preferred contractor among many roofing manufacturers, allowing us to install roofs with extended warranty years.”

Among all kinds of projects, educational institutions and remodels represent a large portion of their recent commercial requests. They increasingly use satellite technologies in commercial and
residential construction alike, to ensure perfect measurement of all elevations.

“One of the biggest changes in the past five years is the quality of satellite imagery,” Trevor said. “We can see a lot of the projects from a computer before ever arriving on site. We now have programs that will measure roof areas with detailed accuracy from satellites. This keeps our estimators much safer and saves a lot of time because they don’t have to walk on tall or steep buildings.”

Watch Your Head

It might be a feature of our building we don’t think about right away when making a building plan, but garage doors can actually make or break the design of your building. If you’re wanting to boost your curb appeal a bit, ask yourself how attractive your garage door is. Companies like Overhead Door of Lincoln (overheaddoor.com/lincoln-nebraska) offer gorgeous garage doors for commercial and residential properties. Here are some types to choose from:

• Modern Aluminum—Sleek and sophisticated, Overhead Door’s Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors offer a unique look for contemporary buildings.
• Courtyard Collection—Designed with the beauty of traditional carriage house doors, these insulated steel doors enhance the look of any new build.
• Signature® Carriage—Featuring expert Amish craftsmanship, these detailed carriage house doors feature the look of the swing-open doors with the functionality of sectional garage doors
• Carriage House Collection—With high-design, thermal performance and the durability you need, these doors combine elegance and strength.

Go the Extra Mile with New Tile

A big design element for any new build is the tile. Tile can really make a difference in how well all of the elements of spaces like bathrooms and kitchens are tied together.

Lizett Nissenson
Maven Tile & Stone

Maven Tile & Stone (maventileandstone.com) is one of Lincoln’s tile design studios that specialize in showcasing unique tiles and stones, as well as other commodity products for both residential and commercial clients. Founded by the talented Lizett Nissenson, Maven’s design services and attention to detail in everything they do sets the company apart
from other tile businesses.

“We strive to help you pick the best product that will meet the needs and goals of your family’s home,” shared Lizett. “We are here to make your process easier, which includes answering the technical questions and doing walk-throughs on projects during non-business hours. Plus, clients that purchase through us are offered my tile design services at no charge.”

The hands-on tile design studio has samples available in their showroom and design center for homeowners who want to get ideas and advice for their remodel.

Constructing a commercial building consists of critical details and decisions that can be made simple with the help of local experts. We encourage you to reach out to these Lincoln professionals today to get started on building your next great project!