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Commercial Construction – March 2024

Whether you're contemplating the construction of a new office building or considering the renovation of an existing commercial space in Lincoln, the city boasts a

Commercial Remodeling in Lincoln – June 2023

Almost everyone is attracted to a new, fresh look. From new technology to a revamped office space, remodeling is a great way to give new

Commercial Construction in Lincoln – March 2023

With the population in Lincoln and surrounding areas continuing to grow at an increasing rate, the commercial landscape of Lincoln is steadily changing and expanding

Todd Kleint Joins Kingery Construction as Metal Building Specialist/Project Manager

Kingery Construction Co. ( is pleased to announce the addition of Todd Kleint, metal building specialist/project manager. Todd comes to Kingery Construction from Grand Island,

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Commercial Remodeling in Lincoln – June 2022

Is your commercial space in need of a facelift? Remodeling is a great choice for commercial buildings that have a good foundation but are just

Commercial Construction in Lincoln – March 2022

The construction industry plays an important role in the economy. When the economy begins to slow down, the construction industry often feels the effects first

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