As we’ve reached the third month of 2016, it is easy to reflect on the past year and identify the bigger changes in the commercial landscape that took place both locally and nationally. As civilians, we generally notice changes after they happen; sometimes we don’t even notice them until an extended period of time after they actually happen. But what about the people who make the changes in our commercial landscape that affect our everyday lives?

A lot of aspects go into commercial construction, from developing a project plan to picking out materials, and then the final delivery of the actual project. Without commercial construction, the world around us would certainly not be the same as it is currently, so it is very crucial that the local experts in Lincoln’s commercial construction industry who work vigilantly and efficiently day in and day out carry out these projects and undertakings. There is definitely no absence of skills when it comes to commercial construction in the Lincoln Metro, just take a look outside of your door; the sky-high buildings that tower downtown, the historic Haymarket, Lincoln capital building, it is easy to see how one would appreciate the sights around them in Lincoln along with benefitting from their distinct functions.


In commercial construction, it is important to maintain a positive reputation. When hearing reference towards a good reputation in the commercial construction industry, one commonly hears things like “reasonably priced”, “quick timelines”, or “exceeding expectations.” The better your reputation, the more satisfactory buzz your company will create. By delivering exactly what the client wants and doing it in a time-efficient manner, creating a satisfactory environment for the client, there is no question whether or not both the client and the company as a whole will be pleased with the result.

Since the 80’s Rick Krueger and his father Calvin have been running the successful and growing Lincoln development company, Krueger Development, with constant vigilance and efficiency.  Positioned at the forefront of land development opportunities in southeast Lincoln, Krueger Development functions at a high level and fully engages in the development environment while fostering relationships with local businesses in that process.

While currently in the midst of the large development projects at the Enterprise Center at Yankee Hill and the Yankee Hill Business Center, the team at Krueger Development makes it a point to seek out the client’s interests and deliver the best quality product within their budget. Rick Krueger of Krueger Development ( elaborates in saying, “If you’re an owner, you want to make sure the construction plans allow for future adjustments to the building, whether it is adding more space or just remodeling.  Many of our clients want a building that they can divide into office space and warehouse space.    We also make sure that they have plenty of parking and, of course, they also want their building to have a good presence with first rate amenities.”

In addition to wanting a quality project, there are also many other wishes that commonly appear in the marketplace, therefore, generating trends.  As an example we can all relate to in terms of importance, Rick Krueger states that “many of our existing tenants and new construction clients value energy efficiency and are looking to incorporate that into their commercial spaces as a way to reduce costs and drop those savings to their bottom line.  Another trend is to allow future connections to high speed internet fiber when it becomes available in Lincoln.”  In line with plans to incorporate trends and special requests, he notes the importance of Krueger Development having the ability to do preliminary design and architectural draft work internally to expedite the integration of the clients’ special requests and needs.

Krueger Development is a company that continues to grow and expand.  With an expected eight to ten years until completion, the Enterprise Center is definitely an exciting new project for Krueger Development.  This will be an ideal setting for new businesses that are looking to grow and expand, and is projected to positively impact Lincoln’s economy and business climate.  Yankee Hill Business Center will also be a place for businesses to grow.  With the ability to customize and create within the office park, Yankee Hill Business Center is estimated to take a couple more years until completion.  Some past projects that Krueger Development has successfully undertaken include:  South Ridge Village, the Lincoln Trade Center, and facilities along both Van Dorn and Old Cheney Road.


Steve Glenn
Batteries Plus Bulbs

Another company that prides itself on being a reputable commercial construction resource is Batteries Plus Bulbs. Although new to the Lincoln community, Batteries Plus Bulbs has built an established reputation since opening its first store in 1988. The franchise has experienced rapid growth and was further bolstered with its acquisition by Roark Capital Group, an Atlanta-based private equity firm. Batteries Plus Bulbs is the nation’s largest and fastest-growing battery, light bulb, and smartphone/tablet repair franchise with a nationwide network of stores. With over 675 stores in 48 states, including the new Lincoln store locally owned and operated by Steve Glenn, Batteries Plus Bulbs ( has met a central need for commercial spaces by providing the widest selection of batteries and light bulbs used for a variety of commercial applications.

In addition to being a reliable, one-stop source for residents and commercial customers, Batteries Plus Bulbs also has quite the assortment as far as batteries, light bulbs, and accessories go. Glenn states, “Altogether our clients have access to nearly sixty thousand types of batteries, light bulbs, and accessories.  We carry a vast range of light bulb products, including fluorescent tubes, ballasts, energy saving options like CFLs and LEDs, and specialty bulbs for elements like healthcare equipment, safety lighting, flood lighting, emergency lighting, and more. As for our other major area of focus, we carry a large assortment of batteries for devices such as laptops, smartphones, cars, watches, razors, hearing aids, emergency exit signs, industrial/construction equipment, and any other consumer business device.”

In addition to its expansive product line, Batteries Plus Bulbs also places an emphasis on offering expert knowledge and helpful customer service. As an added convenience for consumers, stores have built-in Tech Centers that offer services such as device repair for smartphones and tablets, battery testing and installations, and battery pack rebuilds for rechargeable household and business-to-business products, amongst other services. Furthermore, employees are specifically trained to be able to educate consumers and businesses about different energy-efficient lighting options and incentives offered by local utility companies in their areas that would apply, which should be considered early on in the planning process. As it’s becoming increasingly important to companies to implement environmentally friendly systems, procedures, and equipment for a number of reasons, in addition to energy-saving technology, the Batteries Plus Bulbs store in Lincoln also offers an EPA-approved method for safely recycling batteries, light bulbs, ballasts, and select portable electronic devices.

As a whole, Batteries Plus Bulbs has become a major contributor to the expanding $32 billion United States battery replacement market, the still-growing $22 billion United States light bulb replacement market, and the $2.4 billion smartphone repair market.

Another esteemed company in the Lincoln area is Ironhide Construction. Altogether the local contractor has many major projects under its belt to date, such as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln tennis court facilities and PCE, Inc.’s Geist facility in Lincoln. As a company, they attribute their positive reputation to quality of work along with maintaining constant communication and a strong working relationship with clients from conception and planning and subsequently throughout all phases of the construction process.

Troy Bridgford - President Ironhide Construction

Troy Bridgford – Ironhide Construction

With respect to their body of work, Ironhide Construction can attest to the popularity of architectural metal wall panels, a trending innovation in the commercial construction industry. “Architectural metal wall panels are being used in many commercial buildings right now,” states Troy Bridgford of Ironhide Construction ( “In fact, due to the nature of our current projects, at Ironhide Construction we are using them in almost every job we are working on. However, looking towards what’s on the horizon, it’s important to be aware that insulated metal panels are, what I believe, soon be the only panels that may be allowed on pre-engineered metal buildings such as manufacturing and warehouse facilities in the upcoming years. This is due to the fact that energy code requirements are beginning to exceed the capabilities of conventional fiberglass insulation as it relates to R-value and U-value.”


When the thought of trends comes to mind, construction would not necessarily be the first thing you’d picture. However, time and time again, commercial construction companies are faced with clients seeking the trendiest and most contemporary ideas, making it essential to keep up with the movement and move alongside innovation. This means updating technology, changing old ways, and learning the importance and usage of new products. Luckily for many, keeping up with such things does not necessarily force companies to throw their veteran methods out the window, completely. Being an industry where trends last lengthy amounts of time and technology typically evolves where needed, professionals naturally have no problem adapting onward with trends and innovations.

Along the same lines of green thinking, Engineered Controls has seen a great demand for energy efficient buildings, including high-tech devices and enhanced security systems that are a central component of building management systems. Many long-term analyses shows that there are a group of business sectors that currently and in the future will drive the management system sector of the building technology industry in the future. Included to this is the want for eco-friendly building technology, electrical energy management systems, LED lighting and lighting controls, security and access systems, LED lighting and lighting controls, security and access systems, asset management, smart buildings and the technology convergence into a single management system over a building.

Over the past years, Engineered Controls has performed many large owner-occupied environmental controls; building automation and security system retrofit projects with minimal disruption to their employees or the tenants of the facility. They make it a point to work with you and your staff to determine the age, equipment status, and present energy efficiency of your building. They are also able to analyze your existing energy usage and suggest the most cost effective solution that will meet your utility goals.

Pat Killeen - Engineered Controls - Buying a Home

Pat Killeen
Engineered Controls

Engineered Controls maintains their pivotal role in Lincoln’s commercial construction by focusing on two different roles: New Construction and Building Services. Pat Killeen of Engineered Controls ( expressed, “Our New Construction group focuses on providing traditional temperature control and digital building automation systems (BAS) for the new construction industry. With our experienced staff of sales, engineers and installation technicians, combined with our excellent relationships within the consulting, engineering, and contracting community, Engineered Controls has positioned itself to be the low cost leader in the plan and specification market in Nebraska and Iowa.”

Also focusing on Building Services, Engineered Controls makes it a point to follow through with their comprehensive retrofit and energy services in order to help those who look to reduce the amount of energy consumed and improve how well their building performs. Engineered Controls plans to place focus towards both of those segments of the market in 2016 having a team of new construction and own direct sale teams in both Omaha and Lincoln offices. Pat Killeen explains of BMS, “By integrating HVAC, lighting and security functions all within one common BMS platform, a building’s power systems, lighting and illumination, electric power and control, security, video surveillance and magnetic card access, heating, and ventilation and air-conditioning systems will be monitored and controlled from one central location. Studies show that by 2018, it will be the integrated control systems that will show the greatest growth in future years. Although hardwired building management systems have been around since the late seventies, it will be the wireless technology that will continue to revolutionize building automation systems, in 2016 and beyond.”

As a whole, the company would advise clients to get to know the consulting engineers who are designing their buildings. They find is very important that the owners of the building to participate in the design process and urge them to be a smart buyer. Happening at times in the commercial construction business, building owners will move into a building just to find they did not get what they necessarily wanted. That is why their involvement is pivotal in the process. Engineered Controls urges their clientele to get involved, ask questions, know what you want, and most importantly, know what you are getting before the decisions are made by everyone but you, the client.

With a 20 year history, The Tint Shop is another Lincoln-based business that places great focus on the future and how much energy efficiency plays a role in it. In fact, most of the time, energy efficiency is a top concern for building owners. When planning for the windows, you’ll definitely want to consider the installation of 3M Window Films as their benefits are numerous. Consider 3M Solar Control Window Films as a key example. Blocking 99% of UV rays coming through the glass as well as a significant amount of heat and glare, the environment is much more comfortable for employees and clients as well as the increased energy efficiency of the building, which extends the life of the building’s equipment along with reducing utility bills. Locally, The Tint Shop has installed these films everywhere, from local doctor’s offices and hundreds of homes and local businesses in Lincoln and Omaha, even the Nebraska State Capitol as part of the large scale refurbishment/preservation project.

“Many new films are also on their way from 3M related to solar control, including a Light Redirecting Film that helps reduce energy costs of lighting by redirecting sunlight coming through the glass to a thirty-three degree angle towards the ceiling and away from employees’ desks,” advises Keith May of The Tint Shop ( . “Ambient light from the sunlight already coming in through the glass illuminates the room, while at the same time making employees more comfortable in their desks.”

Yet, The Tint Shop does not stop at 3M Solar Control Windows, offering a full line of Decorative Films as well as 3M Safety and Security films. The Decorative Films are the perfect choice for today’s modern offices. Instead of walls and cubicles, modern offices are utilizing more glass in the building design, which doesn’t offer much privacy. These films not only obscure vision through glass, but to enhance the overall interior design. Locally, The Tint Shop has applied these films in the Allstate and Farmers Mutual Insurance companies, in addition to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and various businesses in The Railyard. Being used to prevent break-ins and theft, 3M Safety and Security Films can also be used in the prevention of bricks or stones being thrown through windows, as well as flying glass from an explosion. They truly are the best and strongest on the market. These films have been used for decades on all federal government buildings, including the White House and the Pentagon. Locally The Tint Shop has installed these films on everything from jewelry stores to the FBI Headquarters.

Another industry that is constantly evolving within commercial construction is roofing. Schrock Roofing is known to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the innovation of products and industry trends. Focusing on commercial roofing projects, they are experienced in working with complex roofing systems that cover a large surface area.

Headshot - Titus Schrock - Schrock Roofing

Titus Schrock
Schrock Roofing

Advising on roofing, Titus Schrock of Schrock Roofing ( emphasizes, “It is important to get estimates together and also to pick the system that’s the best fit for your building and its intended use along with any other specific needs.”

He also highlights that a major choice faced when preparing for the installation of new roofing is what type of roof you want. There are several kinds, each of which designed to work best in certain circumstances. Here too, Schrock Roofing reaffirms that consultation is key so that you are able to gain an understanding, overall, of what you might need and the different options that are available to you so that you are able to make an educated decision. Because of this, Schrock Roofing prefers to conduct onsite evaluations in addition to viewing building plans whenever possible due to the fact that sometimes there are key details that can be missed with just building plans alone.

A roof is a major long-term investment that will directly impact many other aspects of your commercial or industrial building. As such, Schrock Roofing insists on the importance of working with experienced professionals who specialize in roofing for such a job.

Hampton Construction has observed and participated in many projects that have changed the landscape of Lincoln. Using both traditional and innovative methods of construction they are prepared and capable of performing jobs in accordance with any specifications for project delivery. The following list of contractual methods are all being used today: Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, or Construction Management. Benefits can be found in each of these methods, and Hampton Construction is ready to advise and inform their clientele the differences in each method, which they feel will help their client choose the method best suited for their project. They have found this is the best way to successfully move a project forward.


John Hyland
Hampton Construction

Previously mentioned, Hampton Construction continues to see strong growth across Lincoln in nearly all commercial construction sectors – government, education, retail, office and industrial. John Hyland of Hampton Construction ( noted, “Lincoln Public Schools has various projects starting in the first half of the year and we are, or will be, under construction with new buildings for repeat customers of Hampton.”

John Hyland also indicated “We are seeing strong demands for both retail and office space in our own developments — particularly Williamsburg Village and GlynOaks Plaza. We have buildings going up in both of those developments in 2016. At Hampton Construction we are involved in all sizes and types of building projects. We are interested in helping our clients whether it be a $4,000 tenant finish or a $40 million dollar new building. We are poised and organized to professionally help guide clients through any projects they may bring to our attention.”

When Hampton Construction is contacted by a potential client, they stress that the client needs to make three important decisions: Do they need to build? How are they going to build? And what is the best process for this project? Typically, if they’ve already been contacted by the client, the first question has been answered; yes, they need to build. The how question comprises numerous attributes that must be addressed by the client such as: cost time and value. With respect to the best process for the project, the client needs to make some pivotal decisions with respect to the project’s design, development, budget, procurement, and build. The answers to these decisions will have a significant bearing on the eventual satisfaction of the client.

Aside from these questions, Hampton Construction emphasizes building a “team” for the project that has a high level of trust. The architect and general contractor are two of the most significant factors in order to achieve success on a commercial construction project, but everyone involved will have some sort of impact on the final product. With any project, there will be things that do not necessarily go according to plan, and that tests even the best of relationships.  This reemphasizes the importance of having a high level of trust between team members. In short, pick a contractor and an architect that you trust and let them work together, with you, to deliver your commercial construction project.

Hampton Construction has begun or completed the following projects in 2015: The new 115,000 sf Career Academy for Southeast Community College and Lincoln Public Schools, a new 78,000 sf Holdrege Elementary School, the Bubbles and Blocks Child Development Center in GlynOaks Plaza, and a mixed use retail/housing project on East Campus for WRK. A few projects of note they look forward to starting and completing in 2016: a 30,000 sf tenant finish for UNICO Insurance Group in the 3 Landmark Building, a new 11,000 sf retail building in GlynOaks Plaza, the renovation of Irving Middle School, and the new Child Development Center for Seward St. John’s Lutheran Church.


Applying clients’ numerous requests is never an easy job. With the help of a construction company, the client’s questions can easily be answered and their dream space can be fulfilled and be made to be visually appealing. However, this is not without hard work, analyzing the client’s requests, and actually applying them to the space. Rightfully so, clients have high expectations for the commercial construction company they are hiring to do a job. However, at an increasing rate, companies are finding that the more descriptive and specific clients are with their demands and wishes, the easier it is for the company deliver, and typically, the more pleased the client is.

As a thriving company since 1977, TCW Construction is no stranger to consulting with clients in order to give them exactly what they are asking for, at the budget requested. With the mission to “provide General Contracting and Design-Build services, with an emphasis in Concrete Construction, serving Nebraska,” TCW as a company enjoys answering client questions and appreciate client requests because it gives them a clearer vision of exactly what the client is envisioning for an end result.


Chad Aldrich
TCW Construction

“We are currently doing an addition to Tracy’s Body Shop that is estimated to take around 6 months,” reveals Chad Aldrich of TCW Construction ( . “Things are going very well. We started during December and are still continuing at this point in time.”

With projects under their belt such as Memorial Stadium and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Tractor Test Facility, TCW Construction is no stranger to the larger scope that’s common for commercial endeavors.

Applying the client’s needs to the actual project is a pivotal point in TCW’s work ethic. A common request, trend-wise, TCW Construction receives from clients is the desire of a Butler Building. These buildings are pre-engineered metal buildings that combine 100 years of experience, the strength of BlueScope Steel, and the expertise of specially selected Butler Builders. Altogether these buildings provide reduced material use, utilizing salvaged and recycled products, have a long life-cycle, feature structural finishes that meet or exceed EPA regulations, are energy efficient, and have the “heat-island” effect.

With 75 years of experience doing business with commercial clients in Lincoln, ABC Electric is another company familiar with accommodating clients’ developing requests. Being a full-service contractor, ABC Electric is more than accustomed to balancing what the client wants with what will work best for a functional, dependable, and safe end result. ABC Electric is committed to their reputation of professionalism and enthusiasm for a job well done, with past high-profile projects including the State Capitol Building, Bryan Memorial Hospital, and the Pinnacle Bank Arena.


Jon Eicher
ABC Electric

Jon Eicher, Project Manager at ABC Electric ( , is no stranger to this work ethic with his 30 years in the electrical industry. “We want to be judged by our finished product and the quality of our workforce and management team,” he states. “We are qualified to perform any and all electrical service you may require and we are responsive and conscientious.”

ABC Electric lives up, greatly, to their reputable services. Together, on the planning side, they help clients in the building design and can figure out cost estimates for the electrical portion of a commercial project. With this ability, ABC Electric is able to make sure the project’s electrical requirements are the best option, economically, for the client. As commercial construction projects can involve experts across many different industries, ABC Electric has worked with many local businesses on past projects, so they can also provide recommendations for each part of the commercial construction project as needed. As previously touched upon with respect to reputation, you’ll want to be an informed consumer in order to get quality work at a price that fits within your budget. Along the same lines, while going with the lowest estimate can be an attractive option, ABC Electric strongly advises to proceed with caution here—you can count on getting what you pay for. In the long run, quality will stand the test of time and you’ll have less to worry about (and money spent on) fixing or replacing. Thus, ABC Electric strongly recommends hiring those who, professionally, take great pride in their work and furthermore, can provide references and examples of past projects.


Darin Cielocha
Mcgill Restoration Inc

Another aspect of application is applying the hired company’s advice towards your project. McGill Restoration, an industry leader in the rehabilitation and preservation of concrete and masonry structures, places great importance on advising clients on how to create the best outcome for their commercial projects. Darin Cielocha of McGill Restoration ( states, “While you may be focused on the project at-hand, you’ll also want to think ahead past that as commercial properties require continuous upkeep and maintenance. Once construction is completed, monitor your building on an annual basis and develop a one year, three year, five year, and ten year maintenance plan. Plan early in the year for annual maintenance projects and work with proven contractors to help facilities with those plans.”

Budget is of course a critical factor in a commercial construction project, but you’ll also want to factor in the costs you’ll incur each year so you don’t put too much into the project itself. McGill advises clients to have a maintenance budget in place for their facilities at the earliest point possible. They have also found benefits in planning early in the year in regards to projects that you look to finish within the calendar year. Having great outcomes with these projects also comes with having reputable contractors and design professionals that guarantee your projects are managed and completed correctly.

With projects that include: masonry restoration, parking garages/stadiums, and industrial and infrastructure/transportation (DOT), McGill Restoration is no stranger to industry movements. Darin tells that McGill Restoration has seen an overall increase in surrounding buildings and infrastructure spending money in order to maintain and renovate. They also have seen many facilities expand their operations and invest increasing their production capabilities. Recent projects that McGill Restoration has under their belt are the renovation of Brandis Parking Garage (downtown Omaha), Holiday Inn Parking Garage (downtown Lincoln), and the Metropolitan Utilities District (MUD) in the Florence Filter Building. They have also done structure improvements at Agrium Homestead Fertilizer Facility, masonry repairs on various buildings facades in the Haymarket (downtown Lincoln), various NDOR bridge overlay projects throughout the state, and re-caulking of the exterior façade of Mutual of Omaha’s World HQ.

When looking forward and thinking about adding to your company’s visual appeal, there are numerous companies in Lincoln that are there to help in regards to your requests.

EMO Flooring Company has a team of designers who are willing to work with you to create a space that expresses both the client’s taste and lifestyle. Ranging from flooring to cabinet recommendations, EMO Flooring has a goal of making the space of the client unique and beautiful. Categories of their services include: carpet, tile, wood, laminate, and vinyl.

If your commercial construction project is in need of windows and doors with substantial strength, lasting durability, and an efficient, comfortable solution, The Window and Door Store is likely the best stop for the task. The Window and Door Store, known for “The Marvin Difference”, has many different offerings when it comes to their specialty—which of course, is windows and doors. Their products are made with extruded aluminum cladding offering a sturdiness that roll-form and vinyl clad windows can’t. The windows and doors also have a Kynar paint finish.  This is an extremely lasting finish that is standard on Marvin clad products. Along with Kynar paint finish, Marvin products are able to be all-efficiency, have the traditional warmth of wood interiors, and a low-maintenance extruded aluminum exterior.

For all of your needed cabinet and granite fixtures, A1 Cabinet and Granite is a one-stop shop. Offering a wide variety in their product offerings to fit the client’s specific needs for the job at hand, they have over 60 colors and 400 slabs of granite to choose from for countertops alone. Having an onsite and indoor warehouse, the customer is able to pick out the specific slab of granite that they’d like for their commercial space. Having one of the biggest selections in Lincoln, A1 Cabinet and Granite urges the client to stop by and see their wide range of granite slabs. Along with granite and cabinetry, they also offer both granite composite and stainless steel sinks. Luckily for clients, all sinks are onsite, giving you the capability to see exactly what you are choosing in person.


In the eyes of the common pedestrian, there might be no sense of organization on a commercial construction site. But, in the workers’ eyes a very different outlook can be seen. Commercial construction, as a whole, needs maintain a sense of organization in order to thrive, stay on budget, and get the job done. Without a sense of organization, the company could come face to face with obstacles, such as being untimely, the feeling of distress, and a jumble on unrelated ideas trying to be orchestrated. Keeping the public, welfare, and administration in mind, organization is necessary on job sites.

Having such diverse clientele, Regal Building Systems definitely maintains a method of organization. The prosperous company has completed commercial projects all across the board, including office buildings, strip malls, warehouses, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, and other commercial projects, for the past 21 years. Together, owners Dan Klein and Dan Klein Jr. make it a point to help clients in developing, refining, value engineering, and constructing their projects, which can range from $2,000,000 to $16,000,000.


Dan Klein Sr.
Regal Building Systems

“Dan Klein Jr. and I are both hands-on with our work. We do not just simply turn the sub-contractors loose; rather, we are actively involved in the project. This allows us to make sure things stay on schedule and on budget. Making good customer service a point is importance to us, and our company practices are based on years of experience—everything we do is for good reason,” explains Dan Klein Sr. of Regal Building Systems ( “Whether the project is an all brick or steel exterior structure with a very plain or opulent interior finish, Regal Building Systems can bring your new building or the expansion of your current plan from an idea into reality. Our goal is to construct a space that enhances your function and reputation in the greater Lincoln community.”

Dan Klein Sr. also emphasizes that data saving and sharing has become more paramount than ever before. Technology that incorporates these aspects is indeed everywhere around you. Regal Building Systems is even able to incorporate the sophisticated infrastructure that is necessary in certain industries, such as medical facilities, where technology is critical to daily operations.

Those in the commercial construction industry, as a whole, are incorporating more and more advanced technology in their buildings—technology that continues to evolve at a rapid pace. “The hard part,” says Dan Klein Sr., “is that you never know what technology is going to look like in two years, or the requirements your building will need to meet to house or employ it. It’s a tall order to predict something that is always changing, so we focus on staying educated in order to be forward-thinking as to what we can do now to make any necessary modifications in the future less impactful and costly.”  Evolving building technology certainly makes the construction industry central to the success of the visionary businesses of all shapes and sizes in Lincoln.

A major part of project organization is keeping an accurate project timeline. With the potential for many different professionals to collaborate on a single commercial construction project, it’s ultimately critical to staying on track towards your completion date. Generally all professionals should be involved in the planning process, which will determine when they will need to be on-site, and some will be interconnected or dependent upon each other too. A great example is the working relationship between your builder, electrician and signage company. The last thing you want is to plan out an amazing sign that attracts attention and adds to the curb appeal, only to find out that the wiring isn’t running to where you need it or that the power source isn’t able to handle the necessary load.

Designing and installing signage of all types, Nebraska Sign will help you get maximum exposure for your new commercial location. Their expertise helps clients to achieve the best visibility for their business, with creative design that fits both the client’s needs and budget.


Ryan Haffey
Nebraska Sign

As far as marketplace emergence, Ryan Haffey of Nebraska Sign (www.nebraskasign.comexplains, “The biggest trend we are seeing is electronic message centers getting more affordable. They offer the ability to talk directly to customers passing your location, with dynamic updateable content that is relevant to what is happening at your business today.”

Consistently, as previously mentioned, Nebraska Sign emphasizes getting a sign contractor involved on your commercial construction endeavor early on in the project. Leaving such an integral element until the end really limits the options for signage. Because all signage is a custom-made product, lead time can become a factor and is best figured out before you start a major project. It is important to recognize that signage is often the first impression the consumer has about a business, so it is essential to be sure it has the impact you want.


Wes Oestreich
Cheever Construction

Being a commercial general contractor, Cheever Construction makes it a point to stay organized within obtaining competitive bids from all trade sub-contractors, administering contracts, and supervising all phases of construction. With the help of their skilled employees, Wes Oestreich of Cheever Construction ( explains, “Cheever self-performs installation of concrete foundations, rough carpentry, and finish carpentry installation of doors, hardware, cabinets, toilet partitions, and many specialty items. With the construction of new buildings, this allows us to accommodate a wide variety of requests. From limited to extensive projects, our body of work includes medical buildings, manufacturing facilities, schools, churches, and offices, both in occupied or vacant buildings.”

Cheever Construction finds that clients are often challenged by distinguishing between “needs” and “wants.” Most projects must meet some level of budget constraint, so they work diligently with clients so that they are able to deliver all needed features and as many wants as possible within those constraints.

With completed projects including the Tortoise Trek exhibit at Lincoln Children’s Zoo and the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab, Cheever Construction emphasizes supporting local area builders. Wes Oestreich states, “Lincoln has many excellent and capable commercial contractors. We utilize local area trade craftsmen and suppliers. This all helps to strengthen our local economy and make Lincoln a quality community to live and raise families in.”

Also hand-in-hand with the organization of a project is budgeting. Kingery Construction Company encourages the use of a budget when planning for your next commercial construction project. With over 92 years of experience in commercial construction and general contracting in the Lincoln area, Kingery Construction Company has completed many jobs with the primary focus on the client’s satisfaction.


Rod Berens
Kingery Construction

A recent commercial construction project that was completed by Kingery Construction Company was Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church. Rod Berens of Kingery Construction ( specifies, “Located in the heart of historic Havelock, Saint Patrick’s Catholic Parish is home to a community of seven hundred and fifty families. Kingery Construction Company collaborated with St. Patrick’s parish leaders, volunteers and Clark Architects Collaborative to create a church that would fulfill the parish needs for worship and fellowship. Kingery Construction Company completed the new church and renovations in the fall of 2015.”

Kingery Construction Company is no stranger to big projects either. They also recently completed the Breslow Ice Hockey Center in December of 2015. This is an $11 million dollar project that is now open to University of Nebraska-Lincoln students and Lincoln residents. The Breslow Ice Hockey Center is the host for many activities including: hockey, open skating, curling, broom-ball, and they also offer party rooms for a variety of occasions. Additional projects of Kingery Construction Company are the Willow Springs office building, Rock Properties shop building, and Apple Roofing’s new office and warehouse.

Being a company that has completed many projects and worked with many different clients, Kingery Construction Company has picked up on many of the tendencies of their clients, as far as requests go. They continue to see advancement in LED lightings as well as efficiencies in temperature control within buildings. Additionally, there seems to be a greater selection of interior finishes and lighting that make buildings look much more attractive.

Commercial construction is everywhere in the world around us. While the activity itself is both demanding and arduous, all of the hard work contributes to a satisfactory end result that both the company and client are ordinarily satisfied with—and that changes the landscape of our city for the better. Being a positively reputable company that continues to innovate, apply its ever-growing knowledge, and maintain organization throughout the whole process, is the important groundwork that successful, lucrative commercial construction companies should maintain. Furthermore, while the inclusive components such as outlining, designing, and funding are essential to all commercial construction projects, this does not take away from the long hours, interaction, deep thought, and traditional values that these business professionals put into their work day after day.