Commercial Remodeling in Lincoln, NE


Commercial Remodeling in Lincoln, NE

As time wears away at buildings or modifications need to be made to enhance a building’s functionality or aesthetic quality, renovations become advantageous in order to improve the environment in which you are conducting business. As remodeling a commercial space is often a significant undertaking, there are generally a lot of decisions needing to be made that the average individual with no professional experience in the field could use help with. This is why there are numerous thriving businesses in our community that are well equipped to assist other businesses in regards to improving their buildings. In fact, it’s the transformation to a modern landscape that’s positioned Lincoln as a place where people want to work and live.

Three key factors to focus on in regards to commercial remodeling are the elements of the overall design, advances in technology, and financial considerations. Being that the outside of the building is the first thing that anyone sees, you want to make sure that it is not only eye catching and beautiful, but that it is also innovative and works well for the type of business or organization you’re operating. Moving inside, the environment in which you do business not only makes an impression on your clientele but also affects the success of your employees. There are so many factors with both the interior and exterior to keep in mind as time goes by, so commercial remodeling is not only necessary but it’s generally a regular occurrence to some capacity. Next, with all of the advances in technology, commercial properties often require updates to keep things running smoothly and to remain operating at maximum efficiency. With all of these things impacting the bottom line, and the fact that finances are a concern for any business owner, establishing the areas where your investment will be most beneficial and staying on budget with your project are both important.

As previously stated, design is important being that it is what the client first sees, so the impression that it gives is not to be underestimated as an extension of your overall image. While the design part for many is the most sought after and exciting part of the process, many also do not realize that it is the part of the process where the most options are offered. With more options come more decisions, so choosing what to incorporate in a commercial remodel project is best done with the guidance of the professionals who are at the forefront of their trades and industries. When considering the overall design of the structure itself, this might entail window, door, architectural, and roofing decisions. No matter the project, the big picture is creating and maintaining a building that’s both visually appealing and functional.

From the perspective of passersby or those entering your place of business, windows and doors are two of the top exterior design elements of the commercial building itself. While people may think at first that this could be a simple task, there are actually quite a few components to take into account when choosing the windows and doors that best fit your business. This is why it could benefit you as the consumer to get information from the experts at The Window & Door Store. During the planning stages, these industry professionals are a great source to find the answers to any questions you may have ranging from “Will this door match the overall color scheme?” to “Which tint of window would work most productively in regards to my business and what the windows will be used for?”.

Bryce Bornemeier The Window & Door Store

Bryce Bornemeier
The Window & Door Store

“One decision we are experts on is design when choosing windows and doors,” says Bryce Bornemeier of The Window & Door Store ( “The size, style, and options of your windows and doors will play into the overall look and feel of your building. Whether you want big, contemporary casement windows or a more traditional-looking double hung, you are going to want to spend time considering your design and functionality preferences. We take pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients and we work closely in a collaborative manner to ensure that their wishes are taken into account. We are also comfortable with offering solutions that save both time and money without sacrificing quality at the expense of those two factors.”

A perfect example of a product that The Window & Door Store would suggest to those remodeling a commercial building are Marvin clad wood windows because they are the perfect alternative to storefront aluminum windows. The warm, rich feeling of a wood interior is preferred over the institutional feel of all aluminum windows in patient rooms, offices, and meeting rooms. Marvin delivers a standard wood window with an anodized aluminum exterior finish. The increased thermal performance of the clad-wood windows over storefront will prove a more comfortable environment for those that use the building on a daily basis as well as aesthetic appeal.

Above all, Bornemeier urges those looking into a commercial remodeling project to not forget about the little things. Elements like hardware and finishes can add a unique, custom look to your space and often have a transformative quality while being cost-friendly.

Specifically regarding window films, while it’s a fantastic idea to incorporate them into your initial plans, it’s all-too-often something where the need becomes apparent after the project is complete and the space is being used, so you’ll want to make sure to plan and budget accordingly. “More often than not, a company that is remodeling their building does not even know they have a need for any kind of window film until after the project is completed,” explains Keith May of The Tint Shop ( “For example, if new windows are added they may not realize that they are going to have a bigger heat or glare issue until the windows are in. Another situation that sometimes arises with remodeling is privacy, or obscuring areas that will need to be hidden from sight or covered up. This might include utility rooms, conference rooms, private offices, mechanical rooms, and so on. A major trend that has remained in commercial remodeling to date is glass, and not just exterior glass, but glass inside the building such as glass partitions, glass cubicles, or glass offices and conference rooms. Glass is being used more and more inside buildings to give them an ‘open’ and spacious appearance. The problem then becomes one of a few issues—there’s no privacy, there are cluttered desks and cords visible everywhere, or employees just feel like they are ‘on display,’ similar to a fishbowl feeling. The Tint Shop has a very vast array of frost, decorative patterned and opaque films that can solve all of these problems.

Another trend in commercial remodeling is adding more, or bigger, windows. Even though today’s windows are very energy efficient, a company may still experience heat and glare issues that they never had before. A standard window can only do so much for heat, and unless the glass has some kind of darkness, will do nothing for glare (the annoying light that causes you to squint, makes computer screens difficult to read and also causes headaches). We have many films that can cut heat by over 80% in some instances and knock out over 85% of glare coming through those windows. In most cases, the entire window film purchase will pay for itself in 3-5 years depending on film, building characteristics, and initial investment.”

He adds, “Companies and building owners should never limit or change their desired look of their spaces because of solar control or privacy/obscuring worries. There is a window film at The Tint Shop for every situation and need. We can even add a little art decor to your building with 3M’s FASARA line of custom decorative films.”


John Hyland
Hampton Construction

The arrangement of the office and the orientation of employees is also something that can be altered for a fresh new look. While it’s common to think of business buildings as crowded cubicles containing a single computer per desk, this is no longer the case in the majority of today’s workplaces. In recent years, there’s been a progression towards open, collaborative spaces. “In terms of the design options for commercial spaces, the emergence of creative layouts that involve a lot of open space has really shown the possibilities for the look of modern places of business,” says John Hyland of Hampton Construction ( “With this generation not necessarily being interested in the division of offices, the designs for commercial spaces are now as diverse as the businesses who occupy them. By employing a hands-on approach to design as well as materials, methods and management, we are able to bring whatever that vision may be to life. And for those who feel stuck within the confines of what a traditional office environment looks like, we can provide examples and ideas that will help to get the creative juices flowing.”

Having just completed two major commercial renovations, Dennis J. Lyon, Architects is a great source for all of your architectural needs, effectively taking your ideas and putting the plans in place that will bring them to fruition. Aware that clients make judgements on the building the second that they walk through the door, they strive to be a top architectural company that delivers a fitting look that meets all of the client’s specifications.

While there are many professionals that will aid in the design process, your architect is at the heart of any project that involves more in-depth modifications or add-ons for your building. As architects, the professionals at Dennis J. Lyon, Architects make design decisions every day and strive to create relevant environments where their clients can enjoy the process of their growing and often-changing businesses.

Architects aren’t just designers; they are also planners. One part of the process often overlooked is staging the work to minimize disruptions of the day-to-day business activities. This requires planning skills and coordination with all of the vendors and subcontractors. With both design and construction personnel in-house, Dennis J. Lyon, Architects and Lyon Construction provide a seamless project delivery system that is efficient, cost-effective, and has been enthusiastically received by their clients. Bottom line, usually a business cannot shut down for a significant renovation, so Dennis J. Lyon, Architects involves you in the process.

headshot Dennis J. Lyon - Dennis J. Lyon, Architects

Dennis J. Lyon
Dennis J. Lyon, Architects

Dennis J. Lyon of Dennis J. Lyon, Architects ( explains, “Our clients want the ‘wow factor’ at the front door! We are using decorative metal surfaces for reception areas more than ever, and in our own office we use corrugated metal wall panels to create a transition from our architectural space to our construction service center. Everyone loves the ceramic planks as well as the new options for upscale finishes. Retro seems to be ‘new’ to this generation, and nostalgic for the rest of us!”

Altogether, Lyon is insistent that beginning projects by consulting with a design professional and completing them with construction professionals is the way to make the most out of everyone’s strengths for the best finished product possible. He further advises, “Take whatever time it requires to develop a plan that is right for you. The decisions you make at the beginning of the project during the design and scheduling phase are set in motion as soon as the work begins. That is where a skilled construction professional can make their magic happen.”

As many businesses may not be looking at full-scale renovations, Lyon also offers some things that will make an impact with a marginal investment of time and money. “The most effective and least expensive upgrades for commercial renovations are color, carpet, and clutter. Colors for walls, and especially accent walls, can change the entire look of a space. Accent walls in particular are a must seeing as though that is an industry trend that can elevate your interior design components. For accents, we often use Parakeet, Fuchsia, and Plum from the Sherwin William collection. Textured carpet tiles in an alternating pattern, blended nicely with the basic gray wall color is a trend we incorporate in commercial remodels quite frequently as it’s a clean, basic look. Along the same lines, removing clutter goes a long way too. Speaking from personal experience with our recent remodel, we tossed out trailer loads of stuff that was cluttering our office. In conjunction with upgrading the lighting and furniture to complete the renovation and changing out the artwork on the walls to tie it all together, we effectively had created a completely different look for our office. None of these upgrades were ‘budget busters’; they were quality design decisions. Existing cabinets were also refreshed with new tops and a glass mosaic backsplash. Plank ceramic tile replaced vinyl in the restrooms and a white bead board wainscot with a traditional chair rail replaced the wallpaper border. These too were simple upgrades with the power to totally transform a space. Ultimately, a renovation becomes a method of re-branding, re-tooling, refreshing, and re-invigorating. It is a win-win situation for clients as well as those who call the space their occupational home base.”

Not often top-of-mind as a design consideration because its functionality at the forefront, but something that still does add to the look of your building, is the roofing system. The kind of roof that will be covering you and your employees’ heads during your work day is in fact a pretty big deal. A common saying between industry professionals is the building is only as good as the roof; this is mainly due to the fact that if your roof leaks the structure of the building and its contents will be compromised. Schrock Roofing specializes in commercial roofing systems and, depending on the situation at hand, even has the ability to restore the existing roof to like-new condition during business hours opposed to shutting the business down while work is being done to the roof. Performing the installations, repairs, restorations, and replacements of all types of commercial roofs for over 35 years, Schrock Roofing is a reliable source that you know will get the job done quickly and efficiently upon hire, but will also leave you with a quality roof that will last through the test of time and the elements.

Headshot - Titus Schrock - Schrock Roofing

Titus Schrock
Schrock Roofing

Titus Schrock of Schrock Roofing ( advises, “With recent area storms, it is a good idea to get your roof inspected at the very least, even if it wasn’t on your radar. We are more than happy to come out and perform this service as it can essentially save a building’s roof or structure.”

If a building was to need a new roof, Schrock Roofing makes the effort to install durable roofs that offer lasting protection. Their single-ply roofing membrane system is formulated for superior-grade strength and flexibility. Their liquid-applied roof products form a seamless, durable, waterproof barrier over an old roof. These products do not require tear-off and other actions to be applied.

Indeed, when looking forward towards a commercial remodel and what should be incorporated in that project, the outside is just as important as the inside, and as we’ve already covered, some aspects will fall in both categories in terms of their impact on look and function.

headshot Jeff Benning - McGill Restoration

Jeff Benning
McGill Restoration

An attractive property with nice curb appeal often draws clients in, while being highly functional and putting forth great service makes them both stay and come back. “Quite often, we see the maintenance on the exterior of buildings or parking garages being neglected, not being properly taken care of, or even as far as being avoided,” says Jeff Benning of McGill Restoration (

“These repairs are a very critical component of performing a proper renovation of a structure and can help to add years of life to it on top of any improvement to its overall appearance as a result. These repairs can range from washing parts of the exterior to remove pollutants in addition to contaminants, re-caulking the control joint’s sealant, or window glazing to install protective coatings to the elevated levels of parking garages. We understand that these maintenance repairs are not always looked at as adding any aesthetic value to some, but, they are crucial to helping maintain the overall ‘weather tightness’ of a structure. By performing these repairs routinely or in a proactive manner, they will work together in the effects to help eliminate the need for majorly costly structural repairs in the future.”

From the perspective of the experienced professionals at McGill Restoration, as a commercial specialty contractor, they feel it is crucial to maintain and even improve the overall “weather tightness” of a structure or exterior building envelope. Water or moisture entering into a building or structure and coming in contact with the structural components can be detrimental. Over time, it can cause major deterioration or even complete failure, which leads to very costly repairs. Additionally, water coming in contact with interior finishes also has the potential to create mold or bacterial growth. This can lead to potential health problems for the occupants, among other factors, if it is not avoided.

With their extensive experience in all things concrete along with delivering metal buildings according to client specifications, TCW Construction is another local firm that exclusively serves the needs of commercial entities. As a general contractor offering design-build services with an emphasis on concrete construction, many commercial renovation projects are in their wheelhouse.


Chad Aldrich
TCW Construction

When it comes to roofing, although it’s not a core service, they’ve done plenty of it on their building projects. They too are able to work over the existing roof so that the daily functions of the business that currently uses the structure isn’t impacted by the project. TCW also focuses on the improvement of one major part of a business’s exterior that we have yet to mention: the parking lot.


“A new concrete parking lot can do a lot for a business,” advises Chad Aldrich of TCW Construction ( “By having a sleek and professional looking parking lot, clients will be instantly impressed of the business and have a great feeling approaching and entering the business itself.”

Rick Wintermute Kingery Construction headshot

Rick Wintermute
Kingery Construction

Rick Wintermute of Kingery Construction ( also offers insight on the parking lot as well as lighting. “If you’re remodeling your space with a different use in mind, which will result in more traffic or a higher occupancy in the building, you’ll need to assess the available parking to ensure that it will accommodate. We find that this can be easily overlooked, so it’s something that we always touch on when partnering with our clients for a commercial remodeling endeavor. As with any project, there will be blind spots for the client, so it’s critical to work with a professional with plenty of experience so that you can be assured all of the bases are covered.

He adds, “Repurposed spaces can turn out really neat, and prices have come down on a lot of higher-quality items. LED lighting is a great example of a component that has become much more prevalent because the up-front cost is now in the range where it’s affordable for just about anyone, whereas even a year or two ago it was more of a major budget allocation so many were going with cheaper alternatives. Composite materials have also come down in price, so you can do a lot of nice things by incorporating finishes that are also far more durable. As our approach is hands-on and consultative, we’ll not only ensure that any potential setbacks or losses are avoided but also that every question is answered and every aspect is thoughtfully examined.”

Staying connected and innovate is more important than ever for businesses, so it comes as no surprise that a great amount of technology is being incorporated into the buildings themselves is a common part of commercial remodeling endeavors these days. Among the most popular technology being incorporated is in the areas of lighting, air quality, wireless connectivity, safety devices, and security devices.

Technological advances are often thought of in terms of having the fastest speed of Internet and incorporating the use of cutting-edge gadgets; however, many overlook the fact that technology can contribute to the safety of those who occupy a commercial building. Protection of the inside of the commercial structure is pivotal, in addition to the outside. The team at Jacobsen Fire Equipment Company makes great efforts towards protecting the items inside the building, the people who are in the building or are guests of the building, and the actual structure itself. By making efforts towards the installation of a fire alarm system, or updating an outdated system, the tragedy and financial problems that can come with a fire outbreak can be prevented to a large extent.

Bob Sorensen - Jacobsen Fire Equipment Company - headshot

Bob Sorensen
Jacobsen Fire Equipment Company

Bob Sorensen of Jacobsen Fire Equipment Company advises, “The main concern when a fire breaks out is to get people out of the building in a timely and safe manner. Nobody predicts their business to fall victim to a fire outbreak, but they do generally understand that the potential exists. We take our role in educating our clients very seriously. By talking to the business owner about recognizing existing or potential conditions that can cause a fire, these components can be identified and safety measures can be addressed. A fire can be recognized through the smell of smoke, the sight of the fumes, and the feeling of the heat. Many business fires occur through spontaneous combustion which can quickly progress into a smoldering fire. Even the smoke created by the fire itself can be detected through systems offered by Jacobsen Fire.  Once you are at the stage where the fire can be seen, you can predict that the feeling of heat that comes with a fire will quickly come next. Alarms often go off around this point and an average individual can be startled. Fire is obviously very hot so before thinking that you want to move into another room, place your hand on the door in between you and the room to feel if it is hot. This ensures that you are not walking directly into a fire, but also provides somewhat of an indication as to where the fire is located so you can avoid that area and move as far away from it as possible.”

Due to the serious nature of fire safety, Jacobsen Fire Equipment Company is a responsible business who hires industry professionals. They have crossed a lot of bridges through great amounts of tasks and endeavors, so they can offer helpful insights as to things you might have missed that will greatly impact the safety of everyone in the building.

Specifically in regards to commercial remodeling projects, as with indoor air quality which we’ll be covering shortly, Jacobsen Fire Equipment Company also advises people to not underestimate the importance of the alarm and detection industry. People often do not realize its importance until it’s absolutely needed in an emergency, in which time it is likely too late. Moreover, if you are adding on to your building or making significant changes to the space, keep in mind that this type of equipment will need to be adjusted accordingly.

With most projects that entail the integration of technology, there’s also work to the infrastructure that will need to be done, particularly with the electrical wiring and related components necessary to support the required energy loads. Lighting is one of the top items on the remodeling list too, due to its transformative qualities and the necessity of the right lighting for a number of functional reasons. In the long run, investing in nicer and more innovative lighting solutions and fixtures can save you costs on energy and bulbs among other components—particularly conversion from fluorescent fixtures to retrofit LED fixtures as it’s become quite popular for commercial spaces.

Eric Hoke  - Eric’s Electric, Inc. - headshot

Eric Hoke
Eric’s Electric, Inc.

Eric Hoke of Eric’s Electric, Inc. expands on LED technology, stating, “Probably the most common request we get renovation-wise would be taking out the old fluorescent fixtures from ceilings and putting in LED fixtures. They offer a lot better indoor lighting and are a product that is continuously being improved upon. Along with those positive benefits, they also have a much better appearance to incorporate in your overall design. Employee comfort and productivity are also affected by outdated lighting, as the harsh lighting can cause migraines and the humming noise can be a maddening distraction.”

Time and time again, improvements with respect to the lighting prove to be a truly worthwhile investment in a business environment. Eric’s Electric is able to work with the budget that’s allocated to deliver custom, high quality LED lighting systems. Preferring a consultative process, the team at Eric’s Electric feels that it’s necessary to meet with the client on-site to analyze their budget and get a feel for the space, applying that information to propose a solution that best fits all criteria.

Matt Collins of Oak Electric, Inc. - headshot

Matt Collins
Oak Electric, Inc.

In agreement on the importance of good lighting, Matt Collins of Oak Electric, Inc. ( adds, “One of the best upgrades during a commercial remodel is lighting. A thoughtful lighting scheme can benefit your business in two separate ways. First, by simply upgrading your current lighting can set the tone to motivate your employees. Secondly, upgraded lighting can enhance the visual appeal for your customers. This makes them feel welcome and comfortable. I strongly encourage anyone looking to upgrade their lighting to consider LED lighting, which provides the best return on your investment. Not only does it deliver visual appeal, but LED lights last significantly longer than standard fluorescent or incandescent lights. Plus, LED offers financial incentives for reducing your kilowatt usage.”

Changing standard overhead lighting to can lights for a look that is more current is another popular project, along with directional lighting to display artwork or products, which is a great touch. Being a full service electrical contractor that provides electrical services in Lincoln and the surrounding southeastern Nebraska area, Oak Electric has the experience necessary to deliver the electricity solutions needed to make your commercial remodeling project come together on budget and in a timely manner, and are happy to provide a free estimate to anyone who is considering this type of endeavor.

With access to nearly 60,000 types of batteries, light bulbs, and accessories, Batteries Plus Bulbs ( is definitely a resource to keep in mind for a variety of things that could be needed during a commercial remodeling project, particularly as we’ve just been addressing lighting.

Customers benefit from access to an expansive product line, expert knowledge, and helpful customer service, which is, for the most part, what differentiates them from the big box and online retailers. Their light bulb products include fluorescent tubes, ballasts, energy saving options like CFLs and LEDs, and specialty bulbs for items like healthcare equipment, safety lighting, flood lighting, and emergency lighting—plus so much more.

When it comes to commercial projects, there’s also a business account program through Batteries Plus Bulbs which offers customers volume discount opportunities, onsite needs analyses, energy savings programs, online ordering, and delivery and recycling services. Serving businesses across all industries, such as school districts, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, manufacturers, religious organizations, police and fire departments, and more, they have the experience needed to make targeted recommendations. Additionally, many local utilities offer significant financial incentives for switching out old, inefficient equipment to new, energy-saving technology. Batteries Plus Bulbs can educated businesses about the different lighting options and incentives in their areas, welcoming anyone with related questions to call or stop in the store.


Jim Graham
Nebraska Sign Company

There are also aspects of exterior lighting where LED is beneficial, such as security lighting, landscape or building accent lighting, or illuminated signage. “One of the most popular upgrades many businesses are making is the change to efficient LED lighting,” agrees Jim Graham of Nebraska Sign Company ( “Whether it’s in the office lighting or the signage, LED provides for an excellent green solution. Also, don’t forget to take the signage into consideration period.  Time and time again I see businesses renovate their building facades and then put the old signage back up.  Debuting a new look, which will attract more attention for a period of time, is the prime opportunity to revitalize your brand or business!”

He also notes, “There are many new products available that can spruce up almost any surface, such as window vinyls or custom wallpapers showcasing your products. In light of this, any business can now be personalized with the desired branding/marketing message as a part of the design features.  Currently one of the most requested upgrades in our industry is changing static signage to changeable LED solutions.  This provides a flexible branding solution, as it conveys a dynamic message that’s easily changed as the needs or identity of the business changes.”

In addition to improving the overall environment, focusing on adding items that provide real financial value to facilities or fixing issues that are affecting the business’s bottom line, or a combination of the three, are most often the reasons behind setting a commercial remodeling project into motion. From the perspective of commercial building owners and managers who are considering a remodel or retrofit project, most are focused on what will provide them an attractive return on their investment. This is indeed important, but not the only benefit that a business will enjoy as a result of improving targeted interior of exterior aspects of the building itself.

Pat Killeen - Engineered Controls - Buying a Home

Pat Killeen
Engineered Controls

Take for example energy consumption in your building, which is a big deal as far as expenditures go. “Today energy use in a commercial building is becoming an ever-increasing financial concern, but also an operational problem for building owners,” emphasizes Pat Killeen of Engineered Controls ( “Building owners are looking for reliable, cost-effective solutions to answer these new energy challenges and reduce their carbon footprint. To that end, Engineered Controls, in conjunction with Honeywell, has a new energy program to address these concerns. The Energy and Environmental Optimization Program is designed to leverage a broad portfolio of energy efficiency products and solutions, as well as offer a high level of energy expertise to commercial buildings in the hands of skilled, knowledgeable, and certified Energy and Environmental Optimization Program professionals. Additionally, Engineered Controls is partnering with Noesis to provide innovative payment plans to our customers. Noesis is the leading provider of financing for commercial building equipment, offering creative ways to pay for equipment replacements and energy efficiency necessities, and is backed by the world’s largest provider of credit for equipment purchases.”

Indoor air quality is also a major concern for all commercial entities—businesses, hospitals and medical facilities, schools, churches—as it affects the building managers, tenants, customers and employees alike because of the impact on the health, comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of the building’s occupants. Good indoor air quality in buildings is a central component of a healthy indoor environment, which extends into other areas affecting a business’s day-to-day operations. As just one example, significant increases in worker productivity have been demonstrated when the air quality is adequate, particularly in setting the scene with a comfortable environment that allows employees and management to focus clearly on completion of tasks to the best of their abilities as well as supporting positive health outcomes that will result in less sick days.

Also on the list of concerns for commercial buildings, businesses, schools, and government facilities spend thousands of dollars each month to light unoccupied rooms, offices, warehouse, and more, spending even more to operate lights in areas that are already bright from the natural light outside. Engineered Controls, along with Honeywell lighting controls solution can make lighting much more efficient. The Honeywell Lighting Controls Solution offers smart scheduling, presence detection and photocells to ensure lights are not left on in vacant areas, but also that lights are off in areas where there is already plenty of natural light. New lighting technologies such as LED fixtures with dimming capability have diversified lighting control options and today’s contractors are able to deliver daylight harvesting, demand response and task tuning strategies that previously required expensive, proprietary lighting control equipment.

Everything we’ve covered thus far adds up to truly significant energy savings as a standalone solution or as a part of an overall integrated energy management plan that joins lighting control together with Honeywell heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), security, and building automation products.

Troy Bridgford Ironhide Construction Headshot

Troy Bridgford
Ironhide Construction

With things like safety and a significant investment in time and resources at stake, while looking for a general contractor for the project, it is important to take into account that the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option. Troy Bridgford of Ironhide Construction ( also touches on this subject, explaining, “It is common for owners and clients to be primarily focused on the bottom line, which I understand. It’s necessary to some extent; however, it’s also important to look further than one year down the line and evaluate future operating costs when it comes to various items. Spending 20 percent more on lighting and mechanical systems now can save you far more money in the future. The point I am trying to make is that I feel owners will benefit from broadening their outlook. Rather than seeking out the cheapest contractor or equipment, look for a company that’s focused on what’s best in terms of quality products and techniques that will stand the test of time with regular use, and can explain the benefits and drawbacks of each scenario so you’re able to make an educated decision that best fits your goals.”

Creating a comfortable environment for your employees and customers has a higher up-front cost, but it has far-reaching benefits, including improved morale and productivity among employees. It can also provide the “wow factor” that tends to impress new clients. Incorporating high levels of insulation along with LED lighting and high-efficiency HVAC systems help to set the base for a quality environment. Other factors include adequate day lighting, as well as interesting architectural components to catch peoples’ eyes. One trend that Bridgford has noticed clients more interested in is providing comfortable spaces for their employees to take breaks from the stresses of day-to-day work. These spaces include anything from workout rooms and lounge spaces including televisions and comfortable seating, all the way up to elaborate game rooms.

Bridgford also offered advice regarding choosing the right approach to getting the desired look, particularly for clients who are renovating to include more square footage. “To go a bit beyond just the scope of remodeling and extend to renovations in our industry and region, we visit with many people who are initially under the impression that the only options to get the desired look they are going for is to incorporate conventional building systems, including wood framing or structural steel, when in most situations the very same look can be achieved using a pre-engineered metal framed building and incorporating more architecturally pleasing facades in lieu of what most people consider the ‘metal building look’. In other parts of the country, this is the standard for building practices due to the cost and time savings achieved when using a metal building. Chief buildings can be used to create high end retail spaces, banks, restaurants, dealerships, and more. Our firm specializes in the design, engineering, and erection of metal buildings, allowing us to offer our clients designing and building services, project management, and certified installation. From the design phase to final punch list, you can count on us for expert advice, skilled craftsmanship, and top notch construction management with attention to detail.”

While we’ve mainly focused on projects that would require the skills of industry professionals, for many capable business owners who consider themselves to be handy, there are smaller-scale do-it-yourself projects that can make a big difference too. While plenty of vision and your own two hands are already accounted for, what you might not generally have lying around is the tools and equipment you’ll need to get to work. As buying something for a one-time use probably isn’t the best investment, as you could be putting that into your actual project instead, Sunbelt Rentals is a great resource for supplying everything you’d need for your project.

With clients ranging from a homeowner to a national account, Josh Johnson of Sunbelt Rentals ( urges consumers to give them a call or visit if they are in need of a certain remodel item. “People do not realize that we have a lot of equipment locally for rent. We see many consumers come in having spent a lot of money in the past on buying items that you will only use once if not a few times. Save your money and come down to see what products we have for rent and also check out our catalogue.”


Jon Paolini
ServiceMaster PBM

Once you’ve reached the end of your project, you may also need to cover the bases as far as getting the space presentable so that everything can go back to business as usual. Hiring a commercial cleaning company such as ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance will take that item off of your to-do list, leaving you to enjoy the fruits of your labor. However, once you’ve made the investment in improvements, it’s also advantageous to consider what’s needed to best preserve that investment by adhering to the recommended maintenance down the line. Jon Paolini of ServiceMaster Professional Building Maintenance ( advises, “An ongoing maintenance program should definitely be thought about. You just spent a good amount of money remodeling, how are you going to protect that investment? Also, as a word of advice from a commercial cleaning professional, it is easy to forget so here is a reminder: Do not forget to make plans for a janitor’s closet with a large floor sink if you don’t already have one!”

No matter what you need help with in the wide world that is commercial remodeling, whether it’s a relatively minor upgrade or a full facelift, many Lincoln businesses have their doors open to clients offering their years of expertise, advice, showrooms, and examples of previous work. The aging of a building or office space is inevitable, so when the time comes to consider or carry out a remodel, consult or hire a local professional who can deliver on the promise of a finished project that looks nice, functions properly, and improves the way you do business.