Company Retreats are a great way to reward employees, foster morale and build relationships. Beyond the boardroom, these retreats offer a unique opportunity for teams to disconnect from the daily grind and spend some time rejuvenating.

Bring the BBQ to you!

Whether your retreat is just a break in the office or a trip outdoors, catering from Soulfull Cocina ( is sure to make it memorable. Whether your retreat is big or small, they have the perfect options to choose from.

Manuel Hurd
Soulfull Cocina

Just ask Chef Chubb, Owner “Not only do we have awesome catering services, we also have a food truck that is perfect for your next company picnic or other special event. Let us bring the BBQ, you just show up, relax and enjoy some food made with fresh ingredients and bold flavors.”

Head over to their website and fill out the questionnaire to get a unique catering experience tailored just to your company’s event.

Streamlined Entertainment Solution

When planning company retreats or client entertainment, the logistics of food, drinks, and activities can be daunting. Instead of juggling multiple venues, consider a one-stop shop that offers comprehensive entertainment options. The Talon Room ( stands out as an all-inclusive destination for client entertainment in downtown Lincoln.

Matthew Rogge
Talon Room

“At the Talon Room, our goal is to simplify event planning. With our catering, bar service, decoration packages, and venue setup and teardown services, we provide everything needed to host an unforgettable event for your clients,” explained Matthew Rogge, Owner of the Talon Room.

The Talon Room offers a diverse range of entertainment options, including casino games, tailgate activities, live music, bingo, trivia, and more, tailored to suit your clients’ interests. Conveniently located in downtown Lincoln, adjacent to popular attractions like concerts at PBA, shows at the Lied Center, and Husker games at Memorial Stadium, the Talon Room offers easy access to a variety of entertainment options. Additionally, its proximity to three parking garages ensures hassle-free parking for attendees.

Whether your clients have dietary restrictions or physical limitations, the Talon Room is equipped to accommodate their needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

Homemade Delights for Every Generation

With a legacy of cherished family recipes passed down through generations, Sweet Things by Marcy ( crafts desserts that evoke the warmth and tradition of southern home cooking. From classic flavors to innovative combinations, Marcy Haas bakes desserts that are sure to impress your clients and leave a lasting impression.

Marcy Haas
Sweet Things by Marcy

“Baking has been my passion for over 40 years,” shared Owner Marcy Haas. “I learned the art from my mother, who taught me the secrets of southern staples like cornbread, biscuits, tea cakes, and sweet potato pie. Over time, I’ve refined these recipes and expanded my dessert menu to include a wide array of delicious treats.”

Operating from a commercial kitchen (ghost kitchen) on O Street, Sweet Things by Marcy crafts each dessert from scratch with love and care. Marcy’s dedication to baking has led her to collaborate with various restaurants in town and provide desserts for individuals, offices, and gatherings. Additionally, she happily accommodates dietary restrictions, ensuring that everyone can indulge in her delectable creations.

Whether your business needs call for classic comfort desserts or innovative treats, Sweet Things by Marcy is equipped to deliver homemade delights that cater to every palate and occasion.

Company Retreat Fun for Everyone

Planning company retreats that cater to all employees and clients can be a daunting task, considering everyone’s diverse interests and preferences. Some may enjoy engaging in conversations, while others prefer letting loose and having fun. However, Sun Valley Lanes & Games ( ensures there’s something for everyone – and then some.

Jen Miseno
Sun Valley Lanes & Games

“At Sun Valley Lanes & Games, we believe in offering a wide variety of entertainment options to keep everyone engaged,” said Event Coordinator, Jen Miseno. “We truly have something for every taste.”

With offerings like arcade games, bowling, hyperbowling, cornhole, laser tag, Lucky Putt mini golf and sand volleyball, alongside delicious food and drinks, there’s no doubt your party attendees will have a blast. Sun Valley Lanes & Games customizes each event to suit your needs and budget, alleviating the stress of party planning. With them at the helm, all you’ll need to focus on is your guest list and transportation logistics – the success of the party is practically guaranteed!

Unforgettable Curated Experiences

Planning company retreats can be daunting, especially when considering the diverse needs and preferences of attendees. James Arthur Vineyards ( offers the perfect solution by providing a picturesque venue for all your retreat activities in one place.

Jim Ballard
James Arthur Vineyards

“Choosing James Arthur Vineyards for your company retreat ensures you’re in for a truly paradise-like experience,” assured Owner, Jim Ballard. “We handle everything, from seating arrangements and setup to tearing down. Our venue even includes a private room for the bridal party to prepare, creating a seamless and stress-free experience.”

At James Arthur Vineyards, all events take place outdoors amidst stunning surroundings. With space for up to 70 people, the vineyard offers an idyllic setting for smaller gatherings. For larger retreats, a park area near the vineyards can accommodate up to 200 attendees. The vineyard staff works closely with organizers to coordinate every detail, ensuring a flawless and memorable experience for all.

Staycation in Style

Looking for an out of the box corporate retreat idea? Tired of the standard destinations? What about hosting your next event in a peaceful country atmosphere? What if you could rent a slice of country paradise for the day or even for an overnight stay?

Everything is included- towels, dishes in the kitchen, tables and chairs to accommodate a large group—all you have to do is show up and get ready to relax! This home features a large private backyard, perfect for an outdoor event. Prepare an evening meal in the large kitchen, foster some healthy competition at the volleyball net, relax by the private swimming pool and hot tub or warm-up by the fire pit. No matter what activities you have planned, they will be even better in this quiet, peaceful, kid-friendly environment. As an added bonus, it is just minutes from grocery stores and restaurants should you need to stock up before your staycation!

Planning can be a headache, so here are some engaging activities to consider for your next company retreat:

Outdoor Adventure Day: From hiking trails to kayaking excursions, immerse your team in the beauty of nature while fostering teamwork and resilience.

Escape Room Challenge: Put problem-solving skills to the test in a thrilling escape room scenario, where collaboration is key to unlocking success.

Cooking Classes: Bond over culinary delights as teams work together to create delectable dishes under the guidance of professional chefs.

Team Olympics: Organize a friendly competition with various team-building games and challenges, promoting teamwork, communication and healthy rivalry.

Creative Workshops: Explo re artistic expression through activities like painting, pottery or improvisational theater, encouraging innovation and out-of-the-box thinking.

Wellness Retreat: Prioritize self-care with yoga sessions, meditation workshops and wellness seminars to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.

Community Service Projects: Give back to the local community through volunteering activities, fostering a sense of purpose and social responsibility among team members.

Bowling: Who doesn’t like bowling? Your employees are sure to love some friendly competitive fun at a bowling alley.

Scavenger Hunt: Embark on an exhilarating scavenger hunt, exploring the retreat location while solving clues and completing challenges as a team.

Winery Tours: Why not bring the sophisticaiton to your next gathering and do a wine tasting? There are some local vineyards in your own backyard ready to host you!

There are plenty of local businesses ready and willing to contribute to your next successful company retreat!