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Holiday Wrap-Up in Lincoln – December 2022

We have reached the final installment of the holiday series! If you are doing some last-minute planning or shopping this season, we know some great [...]

Holiday Cheer in Lincoln – November 2022

Practicing gratitude is important all-year round, but this time of year really highlights how much there is to be thankful for. The holidays allow us [...]

James Arthur Vineyards Announces Holiday Event Lineup Through December

James Arthur Vineyards (JAV, jamesarthurvineyards.com) is getting into the holiday spirit with an exciting lineup of events. Celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and everything in between. [...]

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Holiday Planning in Lincoln – October 2022

As the weather starts to cool down, the possibilities of the upcoming holiday season hang in the air. Rest assured, these local businesses are ready [...]

Wedding Planning in Lincoln

Many would call this time of year “wedding season”, a statement that is backed by a quick Google search that produces an average answer of [...]

Friends4Lunch – May 2022 and Upcoming Events

We had a ~spicy~ time at Tipsy Tina’s Taco Cantina last month! There was a big group that joined us for Friends4Lunch in May—three full [...]

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Company Retreats in Lincoln – June 2022

Here at Strictly Business, we work hard, but we play hard, too. You’ll regularly catch us enjoying a team night out participating in a new [...]

Graduation Parties in Lincoln – April 2022

Graduation day – one of the biggest moments of a student’s life. While graduation marks the end of one’s schooling, it’s also the beginning of [...]

Holiday Planning in Lincoln – October 2021

Hip-hip-hooray for the holidays! The next three months are sure to spread fun and cheer with exciting seasonal events and celebrations. For this Holiday Planning [...]

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