Jerry Weintraub, a film producer, talent manager, and actor, once said “Relationships are the only thing that matters in business and in life.” You might be thinking about all of the other things that couldn’t possibly be less important than a relationship when it comes to running a business – skill, money, assets, etc. – but at the heart of each of those things are relationships. Relationships are how we move through life and further ourselves in both our personal and professional endeavors. The relationship you hold with your client is no exception. After all, your business wouldn’t be where it is today without them!

So, how do you show your clients how much you truly appreciate them? There are a couple ways to do just that. Hosting an event is a popular way to go, whether it’s a tailgate, after-hours, or a weekend outing to a local entertainment spot, just to name a few ideas. They’re a wonderful way to bring all your clients, in addition to their families, together for great food, refreshing drinks, and fun activities. Gifts are another great way to show your appreciation. They offer a more personalized way of saying “thank you” to your client. Whichever route you choose to go, your clients are sure to know that you value your relationship with them.

To help you entertain your clients and show them how much you appreciate them, we recommend working with the following amazing vendors found right here in Lincoln!

Husker Tailgate

Step away from the office for your client appreciation event and spice up your environment at the beautiful Talon Room ( event space. The venue can hold up to 200 people and features a full bar and catering, which can be offered on-site or off-site at a location of your choosing. Their catering menu is extensive and offers flavorful breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.

Matthew Rogge
Talon Room

“A great way to show your clients an amazing time during this time of year is by booking a Husker home game tailgate at the Talon Room,” shared Owner Matthew Rogge. “Show your clients how much you appreciate them with an opportunity to partake in a classic Nebraska tradition in a casual setting. Plus, by tailgating at Talon Room, you won’t have to brave the elements. Rain or shine, you’ll have a great time!”

Whether you want your event to last an hour, all day, or all week, Talon Room will work with you to achieve the vision you have. They work with most budgets and will help you to create an event customized to your needs.

“We also offer in-house games to help you entertain and network with your clients, and we have access to a wide range of vendors that offer great options, including trivia and music bingo,” suggested Matthew. “We are conveniently located downtown nearby many other hotspots for entertaining clients, such as Memorial Stadium, The Lied Center, Marcus Grand Theatre, and more.”

Inflate the Fun

A big part of your client entertainment event is being able to cater to their families, as well. To keep those kiddos happy and laughing all day long, we recommend contacting Lincoln Inflatables (@lincolninflatables). They can bring your event to the next level with inflatable bounce house units, boxing rings, waterslides, or even a dunk tank. They’re known for their prompt communication, punctuality, and quality customer service.

Jason Gayed
Lincoln Inflatables

“Our lineup includes activities for individuals of all ages,” shared Owner Jason Gayed. “The inflatable bounce houses are a favorite of kids, but the dunk tank, for example, provides quality entertainment for everyone. We strive to make sure that everyone at every event is having a great time!”

Lincoln Inflatables has been in the industry for more than 14 years, giving countless community members fun memories. Contact them today to ensure their help in providing outstanding entertainment at your next event!

Company Swag

What’s a client appreciation event without some awesome company swag? Flicker Promotions ( will help you create quality, useful, branded items to pass out at your next client event. They make for great party favors, door prizes, goodies for the kids – just another way of telling your clients, “thanks!”

Amy Doele
Flicker Promotions

“Pretty much all companies have some sort of swag to offer to employees, clients, potential customers, etc.,” said Owner Amy Doele. “My team at Flicker will help you figure out what kind of swag would be the best to offer at your company event while also beautifully showcasing your brand.”

You don’t have time to squeeze an event into your already jam-packed schedule? Branded items make wonderful appreciation gifts and can end up being just as entertaining in the long run. This also gives you the chance to personalize the gift to your client by creating something specific to them and their company.

“Bags, drinkware, technology – we will help you find something that’s within budget, has your brand on it, and will actually be used by the client,” said Amy. “I also encourage you to hand deliver your gifts, if it’s possible, as this is a wonderful opportunity to make a personal connection with each client while also giving them something unique that they will appreciate and use.”

With Flicker Promotions, you can get creative. If you think of something unusal that you want to put your logo on, chances are that Amy can make it happen—no problem.

Ride in Luxury

Take your clients out on the town in a luxury party bus from Tailored Dreams Party Buses (! Tailored Dreams is Lincoln’s premier party bus company known for their friendly drivers and for creating an experience tailored to your particular group. Just reserve your bus ahead of time, then tell your chauffeur where you want to go when you arrive for your party, and they’ll get you there and back safely. You can treat your clients to a night out with cocktails, snacks, or a full-on meal with cocktails and know everyone will be cared for like royalty.

DeeDee Loomis
Tailored Dreams Party Buses

“Tailored Dreams started in March of 2012 with one limo that my husband, Tyler, and I parked in our driveway,” said Owner DeeDee Loomis. “Now the fleet consists of six party buses—including the only Pink Party Bus around! The biggest bus can fit up to 45 people, so you can bring a whole crew of clients. People love getting a party bus for any occasion, and we’re the only bus company in the area that has wheelchair accessibility.”

DeeDee and Tyler wanted to turn their 20 years of experience in the limousine industry and their passion for limousines into a business so that they could offer different options and an economical rate. Thus began Tailored Dreams Party Buses, and DeeDee said it is just as much fun for her as it is for the clients.

“My enjoyment and interactions with people make my job a dream,” DeeDee said. “I’ve always been a people person, so getting to do something I love is so rewarding. If you have a good time, the clients will as well. As a driver, I get to set the tone for the event they’re heading toward, which is an amazing feeling. Plus, I get to drive big things. There isn’t anything I can’t drive now!”

Exhilarating Entertainment

Nebraska Knockerball ( can (and will) provide a top-notch experience at your client appreciation event with knockerballs and many more fun outdoor activities. If you want to host an event that will have everyone talking for the months to come, they’re your vendor!

So, what is a knockerball? A knockerball is a single chamber inflatable sphere with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. Knockerballs range between 3–5.5 feet and the size or fit is predicated on your height. Knockerballs allow for the mobility of the individual to perform flips, rolls, and wheels without putting any stress on the body.

Manuel Walker
Nebraska Knockerball

“Knockerball packages begin at six, but we can go all the way up to 12 knockerballs to truly give your team the best enjoyment and allow more to participate,” said Manuel Walker, owner. “Those who rent from us can also rest assured that I’ll be there to handle the knockerballs and yard games so that you can focus on your clients and developing those connections.”

Nebraska Knockerball’s newest addition to their lineup is Basketball Connect 4. The giant blow-up Connect 4 grid is designed to stir up fun competition for all ages. Even more, Nebraska Knockerball can bring a wide range of yard games to your retreat, including Giant Jenga; Giant Connect Four; yard dice; cornhole; tug-of-war; human foosball; and foot darts, in which you kick Velcro soccer balls at a 12-foot-tall inflatable dart board. On top of all that, while Nebraska Knockerball is not a DJ service, they can provide two giant Bluetooth speakers to really amp up your event!

“What makes us especially unique is that we are the only company providing these services in Nebraska,” Manuel said. “This is all new to the local market. We are so excited to be here and remind people what it’s like to have fun again!”

Lincoln’s Unique Coffee Shop

What’s a staple in every single office, no matter the industry? Coffee. So what better way to show your clients that you appreciate them than with a good cup of joe? Visit Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee ( for exceptional coffee with some great rock ‘n’ roll music. Their drink menu offers hot, iced, or frozen coffees; tea; smoothies; and artisan roasts that you can take back to your home. They serve more than coffee, too; try their breakfast sandwiches, fresh-baked pastries, or lunch options with your drink.

Dennis Nienhueser
Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee Bar

“What sets Rock ‘n’ Joe apart from other coffee shops is our tasting room that features wine from Whispering Winds Vineyards, as well as 13 other local wines served in automated wine dispensers,” said Owner Dennis Nienhueser. “We also have a selection of Nebraska craft beers if you are looking to try a unique, local beer.”

The rock music that fills the atmosphere of Rock ‘n’ Joe Coffee delivers a unique experience to coffee lovers in Lincoln. Bring your clients to Rock ‘n’ Joe and treat them to some artisan coffee drinks or local wines and beers to guarantee an appreciation event they won’t forget!

Personalized Event Service

Ironhorse Bar & Event Room ( is a private event space that offers a gorgeous, unique atmosphere that is sure to wow your clients. The downtown space comes with a variety of cozy seating and a built-in full service bar that even offers signature drinks as well as a small staff that prides themselves on personalized service.

Ironhorse partners with several different local caterers to ensure that you are getting a meal that is customized to your event. While they will work with any catering company, their preferred vendors include Doorstep Diner, Canyon Joe’s Barbecue, Yes Chef, Granite City brewery, Venue, Mellow Mushroom, Vincenzo’s, and Grazing Gouda. So whether you’re looking for Texas barbecue, authentic Italian, or beautiful charcuterie, Ironhorse is prepared to help you find someone to match your preferences. Plus, if you’d rather have some of your own cooking, Ironhorse invites you to bring in food of your own.

Ironhorse can fit up to 65 people cocktail-style or 50 seated, so they’re great for those smaller businesses that are looking for an intimate gathering. Whether you’re looking for a daytime event or something for a weekend night, cleaning and event staff are included in every package to help you ensure your client appreciation event will be a huge success.

Let’s end on one more quote from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk for you to consider: “Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI. It’s about building relationships.” Showing appreciation to your clients is easier than you may think – especially when these amazing Lincoln businesses can help you simplify the process! Reach out to them today to get started on planning your next client entertainment event.